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12 Artists You Need to Add to Your Playlist for Spring ASAP

Maybe I’m just a total nerd, but whenever the seasons change from winter to spring and the weather begins to warm up, I tend to switch up the music I’ve been listening to throughout the cold months of the year. I naturally turn to more upbeat, poppy music whenever it’s warm out and I’m not sure what it is about it, but it really enhances the feeling of warm weather. I have several bands and musicians I always dust off when the sun comes out and I figured I’d share them so you too can have some solid tunes to celebrate spring’s arrival


COIN is one of the best pop bands out there right now and all of its songs just have the perfect sound for drives with the windows down. COIN has very few slow songs, so you’re set if you’re trying to listen to some upbeat tracks that make you want to dance. My favorite song by this band is “Miranda Beach.”

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If you’ve read my music articles before, you know I will take any opportunity to bring up LANY, a trio from LA. It is seriously the best band for the warm weather, as it is really good at capturing the vibes of Southern California and TBH, driving down the highway blasting its self-titled album is seriously the best combination ever. I highly recommend you try it. My favorite song is “Hurts” or “4EVER!”

3) The Growlers

This band is defines themselves as “beach goth” and as ridiculous as it sounds, it’s pretty accurate. There’s a calm and cool feeling to its music and it has quite a discography to choose from. I love The Growlers especially in the warm weather because its sound reminds me of the beach and being out in the sun. I have so many favorite songs by them, but I’ll narrow it down to “Monotonia,” “Love Test” and “City Club.”

4) Beach Weather

Although this band recently broke up and it’s the saddest news EVER, its music is still on Spotify, so I still jam to the songs it has because they are so much fun. The band’s name alone tells you what it sounds like and I can’t stay away from its EP Chit Chat. My favorite song is “Sex, Drugs, Etc.”


I love me some BORNS when spring rolls around. His music is truly beautiful, with dreamy pop instrumentals and an equally dreamy voice to match. BORNS also just released an album this January, so there are even more tracks to enjoy this spring. Blue Madonna is summer-y in its entirety, so I recommend the whole album, but don’t miss out on “Holy Ghost” and “Past Lives” from Dopamine, because those are hands-down his best songs.

6) Dagny

I’m all about a female frontwoman, but Dagny is a solo artist, so she’s even more of a badass. Her pop music is so catchy, you’ll want to dance and sing along, which is just what I do, even when I’m driving. She only has 8 songs, but they are all worth the listen. My favorite is “Wearing Nothing.”



I freaking love CRUISR, plain and simple. Its music is too catchy to skip when it comes on and its so happy that I’m instantly in a better mood when I hear its songs. It doesn’t have many songs either, but my favorite is either “Throw Shade” or “Wild Babe.”

8) Flor

Flor has been on the rise in the pop world and for a good reason: its music is phenomenal, but duh, that’s why it’s on this list. The band only has one album right now, but it’s a masterpiece from start to finish. The lead singer has a voice reminiscent of BORNS, but still unique in its own way and all in all, I just can’t rave enough about this band. My favorite track is “hold on.”

9) Hippo Campus

Hippo released a debut album and an EP last year with some of the best songs of 2017, TBH. I listened to Hippo all of last summer and into the fall, so I’ve put them away for awhile. I’m so excited to listen to them some more this spring and summer because its songs are so upbeat and fun with a taste of nostalgia, which I absolutely love. I recommend “baseball” or “Boyish.”

10) The Japanese House

The Japanese House is another female solo artist and I’m dying for her to release new music. Thankfully, she’s been working on an album, but we have yet to receive it. Until we do, I’ll stick to her EPs, which are all too amazing to rank. She creates the most relaxing, synth heavy, dream pop that I love to turn on in the evenings when the sun is going down (yes, I’m that person). I love the songs “Saw You in a Dream” and “Still.”

11) The Maine

The Maine have been one of my favorite bands for so long that I never really turn away from its music. When the weather heats up though, I transition from some of its earlier albums like Forever Halloween and Black and White and turn to its latest albums American Candy and Lovely Little Lonely. Its newer music is so upbeat and happy, which is perfect to match the way I feel in the spring and summer. I honestly can’t recommend one song. Just listen to its entire discography, it’s worth it.

12) The 1975

How could I make music recommendations without including my favorite band of all time? This band is great for any occasion, but I must say it feels better to play its music through open windows and screaming your lungs out. I love its entire discography, naturally, but I think its debut, self-titled album is a more summery vibe, so listen to that one first. The tracks “Girls,” “Settle Down,” and “She Way Out” will have you craving a summer road trip in no time flat.

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