10 Times The Grinch was Relatable AF

Do you ever realize that your childhood villains have become your adulthood heroes? Don’t understand what I mean? Watch Tom and Jerry as an adult. You’ll realize that Jerry is a little prick and Tom doesn’t deserve half the shit Jerry puts him through. I had a similar realization when watching The Grinch the other day. Tbh, his actions and responses are totally justified. The Grinch never actually hated Christmas, he hated the people who were assholes to him. Don’t believe? Just try getting through these 10 gifs without saying, “same” once. I dare you.


  1. You share the same opinions on people.


2. You both understand that an outfit can make or break your night.


3. You both understand the importance of keeping a planner.


4. Mostly because it’s jam packed and how else are you going to remember everything you have to do?


5. You’re both brutally honest.


6. Whether its a bad hair day or you’re having one of those infamous “fat days” the only agreeable solution is to just stay home.


7. You both agree that feelings are the worst. Like, the absolute worst.


8. Pass or fail, you do it with pride. (Come at me finals.)


9. You can recognize you have a problem. But do you care?


10. You can agree that there’s truly no better place to be than home alone.


Like it or not, The Grinch is onto something here. Afterall, there are worse people to relate to. (Like Mayor Augustus May Who…)



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