10 Struggles That Every Art Student Can Relate To

Choosing to study has definitely been one of the best decisions that I have made. However, not every part of being an art major is sunshine and rainbows, so I’ve compiled a list of struggles that my fellow art majors can relate to!

1. Balancing studio classes with general subject classes.

Fun fact: studio classes are about 2.5 hours long! Scheduling can get tricky when you’re factoring in homework for non-art classes, commute times, and just how much energy you’re willing to dedicate.

2. The cost of quality art supplies is basically your soul.

It’s always fantastic to create a project using quality supplies but you have to be okay with surviving on ramen for the rest of the month.

3. You have accepted the fact that you will never be clean of charcoal.

Under your nails, staining your fingertips, and even in your snot...drawing charcoal stays with you forever.

4. Pulling an all-nighter to finish a project.

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes a project needs a good old all-nighter to get finished. Sure you may look like an extra from The Walking Dead for the rest of the week but hey, you got the piece done!

5. Critiques that drag.

Don’t get me wrong, class critiques are a great way to get feedback from your classmates and improve your future artwork, but there’s a certain point in a two hour critique where everyone reaches peak exhaustion and the feedback becomes less helpful and your classmates are just trying to break the silence.

6. Explaining the concept of your artwork to a non-art friend/family member.

No matter how many times you explain your concepts or the processes behind your work, your family and friends just don’t understand it.

7. Getting paint on your clothes, backpack, and literally everything that you own.

Much like with charcoal, there’s a slim chance that you’ll leave the painting studio untouched by the rainbow.

8. Procrastinating on a project that you assumed would be easy, but turned out to be a challenge.

You thought that last project would take you a day? Surprise! As it turns out it required a lot more time and energy than you have.

9. The love/hate relationship that you have with your work.

Being an artist is a rollercoaster. You come up with an idea, dive headfirst into a project, get halfway through it and begin to hate it. You usually begin questioning your self worth but soon slowly begin becoming happy with what you have created.

10. Having to defend your major choice against people that question it.

Be prepared to face the ridicule of others for pretty much the rest of your college career but don’t let deter you from following your passions!

Keep up the hard work! The world needs art!


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