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Which Taylor Swift Album Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Aries – You are Red !

Aries is a fire sign, which means they are passionate, motivated and confident. Red is an album full of heartbreak but it also has a hint of vengeance, and is full of fiery passion just like the Aries sign. Aries natives will be able to relate to songs like “22,” celebrating being young and “Red,” painting the different colours of so-called “love.” Being in the first house, Aries tend to be younger at heart and more impulsive, but they don’t lack in determination just like Taylor, who wrote this album after her break up with the man who will not be named. Aries natives can also relate to the young energy of this album as it is the first version of Red before Swift re-recorded the album in 2021.

Taurus – You are evermore !

Taurus natives are intimate, down to earth, and hardworking, all traits that fit in perfectly to the storytelling and calm vocals that Swift gives us in evermore. Taurus are loyal to a fault and they can find relatable lyrics in heart-wrenching songs like “tolerate it,”  “dorothea,” and “right where you left me.” But, they are still full of love to give and can also find themselves singing along to “willow” when the time is right. Just like Taurus are hardworking, so is Swift! With evermore being released only five months after folklore, she was really grinding and working towards her passions just like a Taurus does.

Gemini – You are Midnights !

Geminis are quick witted, inquisitive, and impulsive. Often seen as aloof, Geminis are simply off in their own mindscape! Midnights is an experimental album for Swift, this concept album includes lyrics that have more depth than the Pacific Ocean. Geminis can understand the extreme emotions displayed in Midnights; from being totally in love, in a “Lavender Haze,” to feeling like they need to push everyone away because everyone else is sun but they are “Midnight Rain.” Geminis can also relate to the intellectual aspects of the album through songs like “Mastermind” and “Dear Reader”. Additionally, just like how Geminis are always thinking, this album is full of Swift’s late night ponderings that Gemini natives will truly understand. 

Cancer – You are Taylor Swift (Debut) !

Cancers are led by their emotions. They are self-protective, compassionate, and sensitive. Swift wrote this album when she was only 16, when the world was still in need of exploring. Cancers will be able to relate to the all-consuming love that may not always be reciprocated as displayed in songs like “Teardrops On My Guitar” and “Invisible”. Despite this, Cancers are not just sad all the time. Their sensitivity allows them to be some of the best long term lovers, like the lovers in “Mary’s Song”. Though Cancers are kind and forgiving, they still have a breaking point, and Cancer natives will be able to relate to “Picture to Burn” and “Should’ve Said No” when they’ve had their heart broken.

Leo – You are Fearless !

Leos are big hearted, bright, proud, and generous. Leos know their worth, but they are still riddled with fears and anxieties. What makes Leos courageous, though, is their ability to continue to push through despite their fears. Leos will be able to relate to songs such as “You’re Not Sorry” and “Forever & Always” because of their perseverance. Leos also have a soft side, and  their general confident demeanor will let them happily dance to songs such as“Fearless” and “You Belong With Me.” Even though Fearless was only the second album Swift ever released, just as Leos are winners, so is Fearless with it being her first of multiple “Album of the Year” Grammy award winning albums. 

Virgo – You are Lover !

Virgos are practical and self assured, and they are also kind and full of positive mental energy, making Lover the perfect album for them. Lover demonstrates Virgo’s thoughtful ponderings with songs such as“The Archer” and “Daylight,” and the album brings in their practicality with songs that are straight to the point like “You Need to Calm Down” and “The Man”. Though Virgos have innate mental capabilities, this does not mean they turn their noses to romance. With a longing for a domestic love, Virgos can sing along to “Lover”, “Paper Rings” and “False God”. Virgos are self assured, just as Swift was when departing from her former record label Big Machine Records, and Lover is the first of many albums which Swift owns all the rights to.

Libra – You are folklore !

Libras are charming, well balanced, and beautiful, much like the lyrics of folklore. t. Libras have an urge to make all things aesthetically pleasing and balanced, which fits perfectly with folklore, as the album is full of soft cottage core imagery that brings a sense of “peace.” Libra natives love to fantasize, and songs like “epiphany”, “cardigan” and “betty” are the perfect songs to daydream to. Libras want everyone to be satisfied and happy, so songs like “mirrorball” and “august” will really hit home. Swift wrote folklore as a way to connect with fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just as isolation was difficult for everyone, Libras will be able to relate to this feeling of loneliness as they hate being alone, and always want to be part of the action.

Scorpio – You are Reputation !

Scorpios are determined, ambitious, secretive, and intensely emotional, much like Swift’s 6th studio album Reputation. Scorpios can find themselves relating to songs such as“I Did Something Bad,” “Getaway Car,” and “Don’t Blame Me,” as their intensity makes them feel heard. Their deep emotional side can be observed in tracks such as “Delicate,” “Call It What You Want,” and “New Years Day.”.Scorpios are all about self assertion, just like Swift was when writing Reputation With this album, Taylor was making a comeback after being out of the media for over a year, reclaiming her spot as an absolute pop icon. Not only that, but this was the last record Swift released with Big Machine Records, leaving the label with a bang, making her mark as her own artist.

Sagittarius – you are Fearless (Taylor’s Version) !

Sagittarius natives are optimistic and honest, just like Swift was while re-recording this album Just like the younger fire sign (Leo), Sagittarius natives are big hearted and will enjoy singing along to “The Best Day” and “Superstar,” but they are big conversationalists, perhaps like Taylor in“Mr. Perfectly Fine.”.The inner optimist in Sagittarius natives will love “Today Was a Fairytale” and “Jump then Fall,” as they are always hoping for the happiest ending, while also maybe being slightly blind to the possibility of anything bad happening. As Swift was re-recording this album, she was claiming her independence, which as a Sagittarius herself, she values above all else. Sagittarius natives will not only be able to relate to the lyrics of Fearless (Taylors Version), but will also appreciate the statement the album makes as a whole.

Capricorn – You are Speak Now !

Capricorns tend to be ambitious, headstrong, responsible, dedicated and just like the album Speak Now, they assert their place in their respective fields. Capricorns are practical and straight to the point, and they fight for what they want, so songs like “Speak Now”, “Mean” and “Better Than Revenge” will be some of their favourites on this album. Though Capricorns may be seen as mature from a young age, they may feel a pressure to be independent, so lyrics from “Never Grow Up,” “Long Live,” and “Dear John” will really hit hard. Critics saw Speak Now as a maturation of Swift’s lyricism, which is why it makes perfect sense for this album to be associated with Capricorns!

Aquarius – You are 1989 !

Aquarius natives are forward thinking, unique, idealistic, and just like 1989 they are absolutely exceptional. Aquarius is an air sign and just like its sister signs Gemini and Libra, Aquarius natives tend to be slightly aloof and in their own world. 1989 creates a fantasy of a New York which is full of fun, and where everyone is unique. Songs like “How You Get the Girl,” “I Know Places,” and “New Romantics” show the fun and quick loving nature of Aquarius natives. The progressiveness that an Aquarius longs for can be found in songs like “Welcome to New York” and “Shake it Off.”Overall, this album is full of bops for everyone but it will most likely be Aquarius seen jamming to 1989 in their cars on the highway!

Pisces – You are Red (Taylor’s Version) !

Pisces natives are truly in touch with their emotions and let their hearts guide their lives in the most admirable way, but this sometimes leads to heartbreak. However, because Pisces are so in tune with their emotions, they are able to process them in a mature way which is why Red (Taylor’s Version)is a perfect representation of them. Their processing of emotions will be made easier by listening to the gut wrenching lyrics of “All Too Well (10 minute version),” “Sad Beautiful Tragic,” and “Nothing New.” But Pisces are not just about processing emotions, their ability to follow their heart leads them to have some of the most exciting moments like the ones narrated in “The Very First Night,” “Starlight,” and “Message In a Bottle.” Overall, Pisces will not only be able to dance to the re-recordings of the original songs from Red, but they will also fully love the vault tracks of this re-recording!

Happy listening!

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