What You Should Do For Halloween in Victoria Based on Your Major

You might not know everything there is to do on Halloween weekend in Victoria, so we're here to tell you! And when you see just how much is going on, you might not be able to decide on what to do, so we're going to help you with that too. Here is what you should be doing in Victoria this halloween weekend based on your faculty.



OrcaJam 2016

Date: October 28th - 30th

Location: Fort Techtoria (777 Fort St)

Cost: $20 for the whole weekend + a t-shirt!


“Make a game in 48 hours” You heard me right. Designers, developers, programmers, artists and musicians of all skill levels to make a game from scratch in just 48 hours. What engineer or computer scientist would pass up the opportunity to spend their halloween weekend at Fort Techtoria.



Social Sciences

Humans vs. Zombies

Date: October 29th

Location: UVic Quad

Cost: Free! (Rules)


Humans vs. Zombies is a combination of tag, capture the flag, and several other mission types all mixed together in the setting of the zombie apocalypse. Perfect for halloween but perfect for social sciences. Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology will have a leg up in the identification of Zombies and Humans, while Poli Sci majors can finally settle the debate on the better human state.



Nightshift: Haunted Hollywood

Date: October 29th

Location: Royal BC Museum (675 Belleville Street)

Cost: $17 with student ID


Explore the galleries, themed to different horror films, get down to live music and get hands one with interactive activities. Taking place in the BC Museum, all you History buffs have the opportunity to dive into history with the Halloween spin.



Halloween Hip Hop House

Date: October 31st

Location: Upstairs Cabaret (15 Bastion Square)

Cost: $15 first 100 / $20 after


They will be playing music that ranges from old-school hip hop to new house. With prizes for best costume, and an awesome venue, it’s time for the business students to shed their suits and have a good time!



Human and Social Development

Halloween Fireworks Spectacular

Date: October 31st

Location: Bear Mountain Resort (1999 Country Club Way)

Cost: Free!


Games, candy and a once annual fireworks display. Let your passion for human and social development explode!


Fine Arts

Pumpkin Carving

Date: October 30th

Location: The Sands (1803 Quadra)

Cost: Free!


Time to utilize all your creativity skills and really let those pumpkin carving abilities shine. This event is absolutely free and treats are included!



Rocky Horror Picture Show

Date: October 29th

Location: The Vic Theatre (808 Douglas St)

Cost: $15


The Vic theatre is presenting Rocky Horror Picture Show once again. With all the law shows out there it’ll be nice for the law students to poke fun at a “doctor”. Purchase your tickets here!



Zombie Zoo - Public Skate

Date: October 29th

Location: Archie Browning Sports Centre (1151 Esquimalt Rd)

Cost: $2.00!


This family friendly event is a great way to dress up, have a good time with friends and get comfortable with your interaction with children skills. You get to enjoy the spookiest night of the year on ice!



Tennis Halloween Ghosts and Goblins

Date: October 29th

Location: 1885 Forest Park Dr.

Cost: $50


UVic has quite a few pre-med students, and you all understand the importance of health and exercise. This is perfect for you! You get to dress up and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a little friendly competition.


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