What It Was like Buying Plan B for the First Time


If you’ve been here, done that, you probably already know that buying Plan B can be awkward to say the least. Sometimes other complications can’t help but get in the way of an already messy situation. Regardless, it is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and we all know it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some stories from those who have been through the thick of it!


"I had to take Plan B as a result of assuming the condom fell off. It was super awkward to go to the pharmacy counter and purchase it, but my SO was super supportive and even offered to pay for it! I ate about a cup of yogurt beforehand, because pills tend to be hard on my stomach, and then I took the pill. I felt totally fine! But then I freaked out the NEXT day because I found the condom INSIDE OF ME. Through phone calls with the BC NurseLine and the pharmacist who sold me the Plan B pill, I learned that it's still effective, even if you find a condom in you a DAY later.” — Anonymous, 22



“I used to be on the pill and took it really early in the morning every day, so I would sometimes dream that I had taken it but not actually do it. This once happened on the day my boyfriend left for a week-long trip. I realized the next morning that I had missed the day before and freaked out. With the pill I was on, I was supposed to take two at the same time if I ever missed a day, which always without a doubt would make me throw up. So basically I take my two pills, then to be cautious, I run out and buy Plan B for the first time. I take it, and sure enough, not ten minutes later, I throw up. I’m reading the instructions and it says that, if you puke, you have to take it again, so I have to run out and buy it for a second time. I had the same cashier at Shoppers both times.” — Ellen, 21


“The first time I had to buy Plan B, I was 17, and on the pill. Through a series of unfortunate events, I had missed my pill for three days in a row. To be safe, we obviously used a condom, which would have been totally fine, had it not broken. We didn’t realize until everything was said and done, if you know what I mean. I immediately texted one of my friends and she agreed to meet me at the Shoppers Drug Mart near my house so I wouldn’t have to get it alone. Unfortunately, it was one of the pharmacies where Plan B sits behind a counter and you have to ask for it. I was hyper paranoid the entire time because the store was in my area and, with my luck, I was sure one of my mom’s friends would walk in. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough, but once I did and opened up the box, all I wanted to do was laugh. They give you a considerable-sized box for ONE PILL. Anyways, I took the pill and it was smooth sailing! I’ve gotten it twice since then and each time, I feel a little less awkward.” — Rachel, 21   



“My first experience with Plan B came after having a ‘moment’ with my boyfriend at the time. Afterwards, we panicked about what to do: Do I go to a clinic? Do I sit with someone? How do I even know anything bad has happened? I had just turned 16 and I had no experience with any sexual health issues. Luckily, we had our local sexual health clinic in close proximity. I was relieved that they didn’t require my parents or my doctor to get an appointment. Only a day after the incident, my boyfriend and I were in the clinic with an appointment with a nurse. He came with and waited for me while I went in. I was terrified of being yelled at, or told I had no options, but the nurse was so kind and helpful. She explained all birth control options, explained how Plan B works, and told me not to panic because the clinic could help me at any time. I was near to tears, but the nurse reassured me it was okay.I bought the pill and took it as soon as my boyfriend and I left. I was still shaken by the whole thing, but by that point, I was starting to feel relieved. The pill made me feel nauseous and I bled, but it did exactly what it is supposed to do! That day, my boyfriend let me nap at his house and relax. We aren’t together anymore, but I still appreciate him for coming with me and supporting me in a moment when I was vulnerable and needed it the most.” — Courtney, 20