The Weirdest Places We Have Had Sex


Everyone who goes off to university or college will be given the opportunity to try new things. This is purely by virtue of the fact that they will be exposed to dozens of new and different ideas that will push them to challenge their preconceptions and re-examine their boundaries. For some of us, those boundaries include the bedroom. Most of our staff elected to remain anonymous due to the potential scandal involved, but here are some stories and anecdotes from us at Her Campus at UVic about the strangest places we have had sex.


“In the rafters above the Spectrum Theatre, above a grad reunion full of my dad’s old classmates.”

“The top of Mt. Doug at around 10 p.m. I was in the middle of a bad breakup. I was mad and basically decided that [...] I may as well hang out with this guy that had always been hitting on me. So we drove around the city for a bit, ended up there, and there ya go.”

“Here’s a bit of preamble: I was just post-breakup and someone I had spoken to one time in one of my classes saw me hula hooping once, leaned over to their friend and said, ‘I’m gonna fuck ‘em.’ They invited me camping and I figured ‘Sure, why not?’ We were camping on Salt Spring and broke into a reservoir. Then we set up our tent within the tree line so that no one would see it, but close enough to the water that we still had a view of the lake. It was a lot of fun, but I think we were both wanting a shower by the next morning.”

“Ronald McDonald house, out of a window, on a bus, at several local parks, in my parents’ bed, in their parents’ bed, in the bed they shared with their "‘monogamous’ spouse, in a trailer, and in a hot tub.” (Not all at the same time.)

“Once, I made out with a girl really intensely for twenty minutes in my grandma’s guest bedroom. My Catholic grandmother. I said she was my friend and we were looking at pictures! #growingupqueer.”



“Probably at a drive-in that was showing E.T. ... Except, apparently, the projector wasn’t working properly, so everyone left really early, and when we were done, we realized that we were the only car left in the middle of the field.”

“Not a good sex story, but I was just on the phone with my boyfriend, and [I] asked him where the weirdest place we’ve had sex was, and he said he had actually just gotten that question during a drinking game this weekend and he couldn't think of anything, so he told them about how he lost his virginity on a beach in Mexico. THE ONE, SINGLE TIME HE HAS EVER HAD SEX WITH ANYONE BUT ME.”

“Speaking of our long-term boyfriends having weird sex WITHOUT US. There was a paint party in first year, and my boyfriend had sex IN A FREAKING BUSH post-party. HOW DOES THAT EVEN COME UP?”

“On a golf course, hole 5. Oh, and an abandoned house! That was actually me and my ex’s spot to hook up during school.”

“Okay, it wasn’t sex, but I did have some ~sexy times~ in the SUB. I ended up in the SUB with someone late at night/early in the morning and ... Things happened ...”