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The Ups and Downs of Visiting Your Hometown

A lot of people choose to go home for school breaks. Spending your time off staying in your childhood bedroom and hanging out at your old spots certainly has its benefits: here are some of the perks.


The Ups

1. You get to spend time with friends and family

Going away for school can be really difficult when you’re separated from people you used to see everyday, so it’s always nice to be reunited with them.


2. You get to enjoy home cooking

Cafeteria food and ramen got nothing on Mom’s cooking.


3. It’s a trip down memory lane

Driving around with your friends, reminiscing about your high school memories can be really fun. It usually elicits some good laughs (and cringes), too.


4. You get to see your pets

You missed them just as much as your human family members.


5. You appreciate things more

There are certain things that you probably took for granted when you lived at home. Going back after living on your own can certainly be an eye-opener, and a good reminder to be more appreciative.


The Downs

Anyone who has gone home after being away will tell you that it isn’t always fun and welcoming. Like anything, it also has its downsides. If you ever have visited your hometown, these will probably sound familiar . . .


1. You run into people

Your ex? The friend who turned out to be not so friendly? The teacher you couldn’t stand in high school? Somehow, you end up running into all of them, and it can be awkward.


2. It can be a lot of pressure

Since you only have so much time, trying to see everyone and do everything can be stressful. When you’re bombarded with people asking “How’s school?” it can also be a lot of pressure to seem like you’ve got it all together.


3. There are some things you don’t want to remember

It can be hard to separate places from memories of people who are no longer in your life. Sometimes, that trip down memory lane brings up a lot of pain that you’d rather leave in the past.


4. It can feel like a step backwards

After finally making the leap and leaving home, returning can feel like you’re moving backwards. This is even more true if you’re staying with your parents after you’ve gotten used to being independent.


5. You miss your college town and friends

While you may not miss the class part of school, you do start missing your own place and your friends. It’s nice to visit home, but after a while, it’s also nice to go back.

Ashlee is a third year Creative Writing student, originally from Calgary(ish). When not drowning in writing assignments, she can be found drinking coffee or complaining about needing coffee. Her other hobbies include using reading to procrastinate, spending too much money in bookstores and reorganizing her bookshelves.
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