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Thrills and Chills: Cute Halloween Date Ideas!

Fall is here, it’s spooky season, and you’re suddenly in the mood to cuddle up closer to your significant other. Maybe you and your partner love experimenting with unusual date locations or are just on the hunt for something new to try. If you’re looking for inspiration for October-themed dates, try one of these suggestions for some haunting romance.

Go on a Midnight Ghost Walk 

Seek out the most haunted spots in your local town or city and plan a late-night tryst, seeking out the creepiest locations around town. Become ghost hunters and track down some paranormal activity together! Local tour companies often offer these themed tours during the winter months. If you want to save cash, you could make up your own. Great spooky spots include old hotels, restaurants, abandoned residences, hospitals, and police stations. 

The chance of being haunted by a fierce spirit is high! In Victoria, try Helmcken Alley, leading onto Bastion square. During the 1800s, unfortunate souls were imprisoned and hanged there. Another creepy place is Pioneer Square Park, off Quadra. After being used as a burial ground for decades- the city removed many of the stone markers for the undead in the 1900s. However, You’ve been warned… hanging around these spots can make a very creepy Halloween date.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze.

This date idea can be done two ways, during the day as a “country-bumpkin” fall outing or after dark for a mysterious, spine-chilling twist. You can test your teamwork skills as you run around and try to find the exit together. Pretend you’re in an old-fashioned horror flick as you navigate the corn with your partner. Many local farms also pair other attractions with the maze for added entertainment. Visit adorable petting zoos, have hay bale rides, and sip some warm apple cider.

Have a Haunted Movie Night

If you prefer spending the night in, then October is the perfect month to cuddle on the couch and enjoy the best horror flicks on streaming services. Turn the lights down, grab a blanket, and snuggle closer during the scary scenes. Go for gore by watching the SAW films on Netflix Canada, or go for an unsettling mini-series like The Watcher or Midnight Mass. Not a fan of horror? Why not binge some cartoons instead, check out Disney’s The Black Cauldron for a trippy experience that’s a little easier to stomach.

Make Halloween Candy Together

As budding chefs, you can get creative with your s/o by trying out some candy recipes in the kitchen and then sharing them with other loved ones and friends. Give them away to younger siblings to earn points with their families too! Try this easy recipe for Halloween-themed candy bark. (https://recipesworthrepeating.com/halloween-candy-bark/). If neither of you enjoys cooking, you could visit an old-fashioned candy store and make each other a custom candy mix to try instead. 

Go to a Freaky Museum or Local Oddity.

If you and your partner like to be unconventional together, try out a freaky museum, and learn something new about your local town! Museums make great low-pressure date spots if you are still getting to know each other. They’re public, only take a couple of hours, and give you something to talk about if the dating chat is dry. Make it Halloween-themed by looking for somewhere out of the ordinary. Victoria Bug Zoo is filled with creepy crawlers, including hairy tarantulas and glow-in-the-dark scorpions. 

Visit a Pumpkin Patch.

Pumpkin patches are everywhere this time of year and make a great spot for a day date. The fall colours also make it the perfect place to document adorable selfies and TikToks. Victoria’s Galey Farms also has a “Carnevil” event for those who prefer a more chilling experience, complete with a haunted house attraction. If you pick out some great pumpkins, you can take them home that evening and see who can carve the best Jack-o-lantern. 

Whether you decide to take a romantic partner out or hit these spots up with a group of friends, have fun, unwind, and take plenty of pictures. You might even catch something creepy on camera or end up with a great ghost story to tell the grandkids!

Sarah is a 27 year old MA Art History and Visual Studies student at Uvic. She loves writing about art, film and music. When she's not busy blogging or studying she loves to dance, practise yoga, visit galleries and cook yummy vegetarian food!