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So, there might be a new man in Taylor Swift’s life and many are wondering if NFL player Travis Kelce is worthy of catching her heart. Well, good news Swifties, he’s a professional catcher. 

First, let’s look at how these two met. Travis Kelce attended Taylor’s Eras Tour show in Kansas City back in July of this year and was determined to make his move on Taylor. As many know, making and trading friendship bracelets have been a huge part of fan involvement on the Eras Tour and Travis wanted to take part. Kelce made Taylor a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it but was heartbroken when he wasn’t able to talk to her because she saves her voice before and after the concerts. Unfortunately that was the end of what we heard about the bracelet.

Due to Travis’ comment on how he wasn’t able to talk to her at the show, rumours of their dating didn’t spread too widely. But now as the NFL season is now in swing, Travis is once again prominent in the media and the rumours of his potential romance with Taylor have started circulating again. These rumours were further amplified when Travis’ brother Jason Kelce (who is also an NFL player) joked in an interview that he believes the stories about Taylor and his brother are “one hundred percent true.”

The talks of Taylor and Travis’ romance came to a head Sunday afternoon when Taylor was spotted attending Travis’ game with his mother, Donna Kelce. Additionally, videos came out of Taylor leaving the game with Travis and heading out in his convertible.Needless to say, the media has been FREAKING OUT ever since. 

So it looks like these rumours may be true. But many Swifties have been left wondering, who on earth IS Travis Kelce anyways?

Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. If you’re wondering what a tight end does, they basically catch the ball and score touchdowns. What makes tight ends different from regular receivers is that they also help to make sure the running backs have space to run when they have the ball (which is also called blocking). Because their role is more physical, tight ends tend to be taller and bigger than receivers, making them a great fit for tall queens like Taylor

What makes Travis Kelce so significant is that he’s not just any tight end, though, he is the best tight end in the league, and has been praised often for his reliability, strength and athleticism. Travis helped lead his team to two Super Bowl championships in 2020 and 2023 and scored 12 touchdowns for his team last season (most tight ends don’t score more than 10 in a season). 

Outside of football, Travis also hosts a podcast with his brother Jason called New Heights which they started in September 2022. The two talk about family and football. A highlight of their podcast is when they recounted how the two played against each other in the 2023 Super Bowl. As a result, their mother became the main character of the Super Bowl. They call themselves “football’s funniest family duo” and their fans seem to agree. 

Charity is also a big part of Travis Kelce’s life. He runs a charity called Eighty-Seven & Running helping underprivileged kids in America to achieve their dreams in athletics, but also in the arts, STEM and many other areas. 

So not only is Travis Kelce an incredible athlete and an absolute stud, but he’s a family man and an all-around great human. Now that you know the basics of Travis, you can see how he and Taylor could make the ultimate power couple and why the media is eating up every moment. While the story of their romance (a “Love Story” if you will) is just beginning, we will have to stay tuned and see how it unfolds. Perhaps their relationship will be a touchdown, or perhaps they’ll fumble, but many are already rooting for “This Love” to never go out of “Style.”

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