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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Vic chapter.

I am looking forward to spring. I like looking at all the flowers coming out. I am ready to wear my spring clothes and go for walks. 

She is wearing a nice pink long dress, walking through a field in the forest. I would wear this on a warm day with sandals, with my hair down, with earrings or other accessories. Wear this on your walk by the ocean on Dallas Road.

She has some flowers on her braided hair. She is wearing a soft orange tank top, and natural makeup. Looking at this photo makes me happy. This would be fun to wear for a spring photo shoot with friends on a road trip up Vancouver Island.

Here is a blue shirt with white stripes, a collar, button up, with folded sleeves. Wear with runners, accessorize with a bracelet, and a belt. Wear this for your summer job interview.

She has a long white dress with a crochet pattern. She is wearing a brown leather purse with a buckle. Her nail polish matches her dress. Wear this to a party at Felicita’s to celebrate the weekend.

I hope you got inspired for spring fashion by this article. Thanks for reading!

Parus Khan

U Vic '22

I am a 2nd year UVic student studying Child and Youth Care. I enjoy photography, watching movies, and fashion. My dream vacation would be going on a Disney cruise!