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Sadie Tims: Actress

Meet this week’s Campus Profile, Sadie Tims! Friendly, energetic, and totally lovable, she bears a striking resemblance to one of the many golden retrievers with whom she shares her name. Sadie (middle of photograph below) is an active member of the UVic theatre department, and just finished her role as a dresser in the mainstage production of Tennessee Williams’s Summer and Smoke. Sadie recently performed in a production of the World War I play No Man’s Land as a soldier in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. Next year, Sadie aspires to enter the acting program.

YEAR First

MAJOR Theatre


ACTIVITIES Singing excessively, playing rugby, long walks on the beach and clichés, going to art exhibits, seeing other people perform, reading and writing poetry, hanging out with friends

RELATIONSHIP STATUS Single as a sad and lonely Pringle (just kidding, she likes being single)

HC: What is your favourite emoji and why?

You know the monster face emoji? The red monster face that kind of looks like it’s smiling? That’s my favourite emoji, because I feel like it’s me internally. And it’s such a good thing to send to people no matter the situation. It’s just a nice cover-all emoji, because it can be like, your friend is saying something happy to you, and you send it ‘cause it looks like the monster is smiling, or you want your friend to pick you up faster, and you send it, ‘cause the monster can look a little anxious in the right light.

HC: What is the most likely place to find you on campus?

The Phoenix. Oh my God, without a doubt. I frickin’ live there these days.

HC: What is your favourite thing about your major?

I don’t know, ‘cause I love so much about it. I really love the people I get to work with, and the environment that we’re in. I am an actress—hopefully I’ll be doing second-year acting next year—and I really like the rush a performance gives me. Like, going out on stage and doing something. I just really, really love that.

HC: What is your favourite song to dance to at a party?

It depends what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m out there with my girls, having a good time, anything Beyoncé, because I am a basic white girl. But most of the time, “Let’s Dance to Joy Division” by the Wombats, or “Your Body is a Weapon” by the Wombats—basically, anything by the Wombats is really fun to dance to. I just really like dancing, so anything.

HC: Tell me something that people don’t really know about you.

I don’t know—I’m kind of an open book if people ask me… I really want to be fluent in German. Just ‘cause I feel like it would be a cool language to know, and yell at people in.

HC: What is something you are really bad at?

Cleaning my room. Great at keeping other spaces clean—just not my room. My room explodes, and it is always a disaster. I have to clean it today.

HC: Who’s your biggest influence?

My family, probably, ‘cause I love my family. And they’re all really cool in different ways, so I like to look at all the different ways that they’re cool and be like, “Oh, can I be cool in those ways, too?” I have three older brothers, so I can kind of see what they’ve done, and it helps me figure out my life.

HC: What was your dream job as a child?

When I was in the second grade, and all my friends wanted to be fairies, or princesses, or veterinarians, I wanted to be mission control for NASA, because one of my older brothers wanted to be an astronaut. So he was going to be an astronaut, and I was going to be mission control. And then after that, I pretty solidly wanted to be an actress. Briefly wanted to be an archaeologist.

HC: What is something crazy you can see yourself doing?

Literally anything. I am super game for anything. I’ll go skydiving, I’ll go bungee jumping—I’m really game for anything.

HC: What is advice you would give your younger self?

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you; it only matters how you see yourself. So it doesn’t matter if people seem to not like you—it only matters if you like you. And stop focusing on what other people say you should be doing and just focus on what makes you happy.

HC: What are some of your pet peeves?

So I grew up with brothers, and now I’m living in a residence with mixed genders. When guys shave their beards in the sink, and don’t F*CKING wipe away the hair! It takes two seconds—WASH. THE HAIR. DOWN. THE DRAIN. That is my biggest pet peeve .

Feel like you’ve made a new friend? If you see Sadie around campus, make sure to say hi!


Originally from Surrey, British Columbia, Arianna Cheveldave is a fourth-year student at the University of Victoria. As a writing major with a professional communication minor, Arianna is proud to be the managing editor of Her Campus at UVic. She loves Italian food, national flags, and having a clean desk. When not locked in her room studying, she enjoys choral singing, watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and reading things that aren't textbooks. Depending on the occasion, she is known to always have ready a quick remark, a listening ear, or a bad pun.
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