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When Twilight swept through the world years ago, claiming the minds of many tweens and teens, it introduced  them to supernatural characters that have since stayed with them for years after the series ended.

I remember the first day I ever saw Twilight. It was at a Scholastic Book Fair and it was when I would still finish a book within two days. I remember seeing how big it was in comparison to the other books at the fair, the simple black cover with the shining red apple.

I also remember walking away from it and not reading it, despite it being one of the few series that managed to ensnare the minds of my fellow tween classmates at the time.

Since first seeing Twilight at the Scholastic Book Fair I have never read any of the books or watched any of the movies. At least until now, anyways. Because in the midst of the pandemic, I finally broke down and bought the first book. I have a lot of thoughts on it. But let’s start with the first 10, for now.

I'm sorry, why is she moving?

Okay, I get it, her mom is remarried, but it sounds like Bella absolutely despises the cold and can hardly stand her father. I don’t understand how this was the best option for her.

Yes, it rains

We get it, it’s the west coast, it rains a lot there.

Edward is gaslighting her?

So Edward saves Bella from a dangerous car crash and then gaslights her when she points out his obvious superhuman abilities.

Bella, are you okay?

This needs no further explanation. I’m just worried about her.

What 16 year old cooks that well?

I’m sorry, Bella is 16 and takes over all the cooking duties? I’m sorry, Bella a 16-year-old knows how to make how many different meals?

The boys

Is every boy in love with Bella? Maybe she’s the real supernatural creature here if she’s managed to enchant so many high school boys.

Can’t believe the kids in her class actually protected her from basketball

When I was in high school, they’d just chuck the basketball at my face or shove me when I caught it because they knew I wasn’t very good. I wish I’d had the kids in Bella’s school for basketball partners.

Is Bella hydrophobic?

The way she talks about water makes me think that she more than hates it, that maybe she’s terrified of water. Or maybe she’s allergic.

You know if Edward didn’t want to be noticed, he shouldn’t have stared at Bella so much

I feel like every other chapter Bella is talking about how Edward is staring or glaring at her. Or he’s talking to her, or being rude to her. If he wanted to lay low, wouldn’t he not stare at her from across the cafeteria so much?

Edward makes no sense

Wait, so can they be friends or can’t they? If it’s a bad idea to be friends, maybe they shouldn’t be friends? I’m not even halfway through this book and I’m already tired of this boy. How does Bella put up with him?

I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of this book series and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more thoughts to share soon.

Do you have any thoughts on Twilight? Any nonsense in these books that makes no sense to you? Let me know in the comments!

Ria Boldt

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Ria is a slightly confused fourth year at the University of Victoria, with a major in tea drinking and a minor in freelance superhero-ing. When not busy she can usually be found reading, eating, or re-watching all of the Star Wars movies.
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