Our Theme of the Week is Goodbye Summer!

It’s official: The leaves are fading to saffron, and it’s time to wish farewell to our ten-hour sunshine for a few more seasons. To some, fall represents cold and gloomy weather, to others it symbolizes cozy pajamas and hot cocoa. Whether fall is your favourite or least favourite season, I hope that you are anticipating fun outings with your friends and beginning to get settled into your courses at UVic.


When I was selecting this week’s theme with our staff writers, I made a deliberate decision to put an exclamation mark at the end of the title, because quite honestly the fall term requires energy. This school term will challenge many of you in ways you are not accustomed to. Many of you may be in your first year and encounter grades back from your first exams in the Mckinnon gym with wide eyes and a sense of despair. The joy of university is that we as students have the opportunity to constantly reinvent ourselves. One mark, or one term’s worth of marks, is not detrimental in the grand scheme of things. In fact, it’s a gentle tap on the shoulder to try, try again (rather than in the working world where the consequences are more jarring). 


At times, you may feel totally exhausted, and yes, you may even catch a cold; but, I urge you to embrace the business, embrace the chaos, and embrace the opportunity to learn.


We at Her Campus, have all created little habits of celebration to reward our progress in the fall term: Abby has taken up hobbies like cycling in the summer that she plans to carry on into the fall; Kate has curated an epic summer playlist as an ode to a less busy time; and, I’ve reviewed five books for you to enjoy in your off-hours from studying.


Whatever your little modes of celebration are this fall, take them, enjoy them, and keep working hard this season, because your efforts will be rewarded.




Carly Grabher

President/Campus Correspondent 

Her Campus U Vic