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New York Fashion Week was a Celebration of Dressing for the Rain

To most people around the world, the weather in New York during fashion week was a drag. To Vancouver Islanders, it was exactly what we needed—finally, some relatable fashion for our temperate rainforest climate.

I mean, we knew that fashion bloggers, models and the like were creative, but dressing for rainy weather to dazzle the paps was pretty impressive. Here’s a roundup of our favourite looks from New York Fashion Week.


1. Umbrellas and 18th century chic

Aimee, beloved fashion blogger from Song of Style, braves white clothing in the rain. What I’ve taken away most from this outfit (and from the influence of Gossip Girl) is that a clear umbrella instantly elevates the classiness of an outfit.


2. Clear plastic is the new black

It has always bothered me that, in winter, it looks like I wear the same thing every day because I wear the same raincoat, day in and day out. I should’ve figured out that a clear plastic raincoat could solve all my problems! Every day, you can make the coat look different by layering various pieces underneath—voila!


3. Yellow slicker? How about a yellow jumpsuit?

Yellow rain jackets give off an adorable vibe, mostly because, to me, they harken back to my childhood. The only reason I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of sporting a yellow rain jacket around campus is because I don’t know how to style it in a way that feels age appropriate. This look really make it feel adultlike, especially with the addition of the silver heels.


4. This raincoat/dress hybrid makes dresses bearable

Not only is the dress itself a beautiful construction of fall functionality, but florals in autumn? Somehow, the demure shades of blue, green and pink look like they belong in this less-than-spring-like weather. I’m also very impressed by these boots. They seem like the perfect choice for a night out because they will both keep your delicate feet dry and show a little skin with that sexy lace-up on the front.


5. Handkerchiefs are the hair style we should be adopting

As someone with naturally curly hair, I’ve had to become quite creative over the years with hairstyles to rock in the rainy season. This bandana situation gets major points from me.


6. Clogs are the new Blundstones

In winter, I wear Blundstones. It doesn’t matter if I’m dressing up for a cute coffee date or dressing down for midterm study groups. I wear Blundstones EVERY DAY IN WINTER. There’s just no other boot that is both comfortable enough that I can wear it for long distances and in which my feet won’t get attacked by the bitterly cold rain. Pictured above, Leandra Medine just gave me hope for another winter shoe option: a variation of the Dutch clog!


So, what was your favourite rainy weather fashion look from our list? Comment in the section below which one you are dying to recreate.

— HCxo


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Carly Grabher is in her fifth year of Creative Writing at The University of Victoria with a minor in Gender Studies. She is the Campus Correspondent of the UVic chapter and has been a contributing writer and editor with Her Campus for four years. In addition to writing articles, Carly formerly danced and worked at Canada's National Ballet School, redesigned the website for The University of Victoria Faculty Association, and worked as the communications and events assistant with UVic's Co-operative Education Program and Career Services.
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