Mischief We Got Up To As Kids That Scared Our Parents

Every kid is a little naughty, but some stuff we did under our parents’ roofs was downright unfair and terrifying. At the time, it may have seemed like fun and games to play hide-and-go-seek in the racks of clothes at Winners or fake passing out to avoid gym class, but as adults ourselves, we now realize how truly terrified our parents must have felt.

Here is just a sampling of the mischief our HC members got up to as kids that scared our parents.


“When I was eight years old, I told my parents I had the perfect plan to murder someone and get away with it. When I asked them if they wanted to hear it, they both replied ‘NO.’ I still have the plan and haven’t told a soul to this day.” — Rachel


“Once when I was really little, I locked myself in the bathroom by pulling drawers in front of the door so no one could get in, and my dad had to go outside and crawl through the window to unlock the door … I've also fallen off a lot of things and broken a few bones, but that's never been on purpose.” — Ria


“When I was really little, I used to turn grey and pass out due to allergic reactions all the time. Also, my arm/shoulder joints would dislocate at random as well.” — Sophie


“I was probably like nine when my family did a trip across Canada. We were at one of the Great Lakes and there was a spot where you could climb along this steep rock face by the water to see some sort of pictographs or something. It was a really long and dangerous drop to the lake below. My parents were talking to someone who had just done it. I grabbed the safety rope and started going across. I got nervous and went back but then tried again, and THEN my mom noticed. I think she thought I was about to fall and get impaled on the rocks jutting out of the water, but I was fine. Never got far enough to see the pictographs, though.” — Emma


“This isn’t really one event, but like, my whole young childhood. But when I was little (like kindergarten age), I used to like fight the other kids in my class daily. I would bite them, punch them, pull their pants down, etc. I just didn’t deal with bullshit, I guess. But anyways, my poor parents always had to get calls and talk to me about it. They always say that they were scared I was gonna become this crazy wild child, but by the time I was in middle school, I was the tamest kid ever.” — Lucy


So, there you have it. We were almost perfect kids … Okay, not really, but at least the stories make for a good article, right?

What did you do as a kid that scared the living daylights out of your parents? Tell us in the comments below!


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