Mike Nesselbeck: The Business Man on Campus

When you think of what makes a well-rounded student, there are a few things that come to mind. Academic success, determination, community involvement and leadership, and athletics are generally what makes someone worthy of the phrase. Well, Mike Nesselbeck certainly boasts all of these qualities, making him quite the force to be reckoned with. Heading into his third year, Mike is on his way to earning a reputation in the business community that is sure to get him ahead.

How High School Shaped Him

Hailing from Nanaimo, BC, Mike made the most of his high school career. Not only was he involved heavily in leadership activities but he also took time to take up new hobbies and enjoy himself. In grade 11, he was a part of “link week” - a program geared towards helping grade 8’s transition into grade 9. By grade 12, he was a valued member of his school’s student council, giving him an opportunity to put his leadership skills to good use.

Aside from his participation in the school community, Mike also learned new things about himself. In grade 10 he started long boarding. He also began to DJ. Though it started as a simple “hobby”, he now often DJ’s for charity events. High school certainly gave Mike many of the tools that he is now using today to succeed in university.

His UVic

Although he “had the opportunity to go to many other business schools”, Mike chose UVic for their stellar co-op program and also the convenience of being close to home. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous campus.

One of the perks of the business program here is the UVic CSS, or Commerce Student’s Society. It gives business students the opportunity to be involved in the business community and take on leadership roles that will not only better them as students, but also prepare them for the business world after they graduate. This year, Mike served as the second year rep for the CSS, a role that he jumped at to “break out of [his] comfort zone” and be more involved. He is now the Vice President for external relations, making him responsible for securing sponsorships for the CSS. Mike says that the people and environment that the CSS offers greatly influenced his decision to apply for the position.

Not only did Mike jump at the chance to delve into the world of business and university life, but he also made time for what he enjoys; long boarding! In first year, he and his roommate started the UVic Long Boarding Club as a way to meet other long boarders and share routes. Their Facebook page (UVic Longboarding) is open to everyone and is a great way to get involved in the club and meet new people!

What the Future Looks Like

What does Mike plan for the future? First, he definitely wants to “secure a lot of sponsorships” for the CSS. His university goal is to major in international business with a minor in entrepreneurship. He even enjoys the prospect of someday starting his own business.

The leadership skills that Mike gained during high school have certainly brought him a long way. His first and second year at UVic pay testament to that. Regardless of what Mike chooses to do, it’s pretty clear that success is on the horizon for this business man.