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Meet Kate Harder: Our Social Media Executive

Meet Kate Harder: Our Social Media Executive

Kate Harder is in her 4 th and final year at UVic. When she’s not studying Linguistics, Kate enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. Kate hopes to pursue a master’s in Speech Pathology and to do research in neuropsychology and stroke recovery. She is also the Her Campus Social Media Executive and I had the pleasure of sitting down with her to chat about her role.

What is working in social media like?

It’s pretty fun! It is definitely something new to me, I have personal social accounts but overseeing the Her Campus accounts is different. I’ve had to learn to be more aware of posts and keeping up with current events. For example, I made some posts about the Canadian Election. It is nice because I’m not too worried about how many likes I get or stuff like that.

What type of things do you do in social media for HerCampus?

Instagram is the most fun! I get to express and show Her Campus to other people. Managing the HerCampus Facebook has been pretty straight forward but I would like to get better at YouTube.

What are your biggest challenges?

Time management is definitely the biggest challenge. It takes a lot more time to make a post than you think. You have to find a good picture and consider how it will look in the feed. I’m also a perfectionist and want every post to be really good.

What project are you most looking forward to?

I am doing a YouTube video about Fall cocktails with Ria. If it goes well, we might consider making it a recurring video on our YouTube.

What is your favourite article?

I Had a Boy Write a Song About Me

What makes HerCampus different from other online magazines?

Her Campus is cool because the people who contribute are so diverse. There’s a bigger writing staff which leads to more perspectives on issues. It’s also nice that articles are relevant to UVic versus how general articles on Buzzfeed might be.

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