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Job Hunting 101- Where to Find the Best Summer Job

For most of us, finding a summer job can be a difficult time. After completing a year or more of university you feel you should start looking for more meaningful work experience other than waitressing. However, finding that perfect summer job can be a difficult and daunting task. But knowing where to search for those ideal jobs is key to getting the most out of your summer work experience. In this article I’ve compiled a list of sites to look for when searching for that perfect summer job.


1. Co-op and Career job portal

For those of you who don’t want to pay the fees that come along with doing a co-op but like the types of jobs typically found in it you’re in luck. The co-op and career job portal lists a large number of jobs that are not only restricted to co-op students. You can refine your search based on region, job type, and hours. Posted jobs can also range from summer camp jobs to research assistant positions. For a full list of jobs visit their website. 



2. Look out of town, province or even country.

If you are from a small city like me, then you will know that the job selection can be quite limited for university students. Instead of trying to find work back home, search for jobs in the city where you go to school. Victoria in particular has a large number of tourism jobs that become available in the summer time. If you are feeling quite adventurous you can look for jobs out of province or even jobs abroad. Parks Canada in particular has many summer student jobs posted for other province locations.

Just don’t forget to take into account the cost of living in another city. Alternatively, if you are worried about paying rent etc in another city you can look for a job at a summer camp where both your room and board are typically covered.



3. Search the tourism industry

Many cities, especially Canadian cities, become extreme tourist destinations in the summer. Tourism jobs are great because they allow you to gain excellent customer service skills and can often be applied to many fields of study. If you’re a history major why not try and find a job at a museum?If you’re in business, look for a hotel or restaurant management job. No matter what your field is, working with the public is always beneficial and looks great on a resume. go2HR is the best website to search if looking for a job in tourism and hospitality. 



4. Use Linkedin

Linkedin is a great sight both for job searchers and employers. It acts sort of like a professional facebook. You can upload a profile picture as well as all of your professional work history and achievements. Often times employers will use it as a way to lookup an applicant and read over resumes and cover letters that have been emailed to them. It is also a great and easy way to get into networking, as you can follow other people and create an online professional network. Just ensure that all of your information including your profile picture remains looking professional. If you don’t have a professional headshot come out to Her Campus at Uvic’s free professional headshot event.



5. Other sites to find student employment.

BC Ferries

Indeed: You can directly upload your resume onto the site so potential employers can even contact you first.

Work BC

Federal Student work experience


Let us know if you have any tips on where and how to find that perfect summer job.

Happy Hunting!


Kate is a linguistics major at the University of Victoria. Although she is only 22 years old, Kate is truly a granny at heart. She could not imagine a world in which sweaters, dogs, coffee, and brunch did not exist. In her spare time Kate likes to create inspirational quotes to live by. Her quote of the moment is "Life is a party and I have the streamers!"
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