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Anyone who’s been on TikTok lately (clearly I have, I may be going too far into the TikTok articles) has likely seen the videos of Noodle the pug, predicting what kind of day it is based on whether he has “bones” or “no bones”. If he falls over when he’s placed on his bed, then it’s a no bones day – a bad one. And if he stays upright, then hurrah! It’s a bones day. I would equate it to a daily horoscope, a fun way to set the daily mood (and justify spending it on self-care, in the case of a no bones day).

Here are a few fun ways to spend your Noodle-approved good day.

  • Buy yourself lunch from your favourite spot.

  • Go for a sunset drive (and belt out your favourite songs).

  • Watch that movie that’s been on your list for too long.

  • Give someone flowers!

  • Update your playlists.

  • Get yourself something nice – bonus points if it’s something you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

  • Explore someplace new, especially somewhere outdoors.

  • Try something hard or something that you’ve been putting off.

It can be easy to feel that how your day goes is out of your control. But even though this pug has a grip on all of our daily routines doesn’t mean you can’t turn a bad day around. And only you can make the “bones day ” good for yourself, otherwise it’s just another day. So go out there and get cracking! (No pun intended)

Sierra is in her first year at UVic, studying sociology, philosophy and all things human. When she’s not questioning her existence, she loves finding new recipes, watching crime dramas and roaming the aisles of Russell Books.
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