I Share a Bed With My Roommate

Yes, you read the title correctly: I have been sharing a bed with my roommate for almost a year.

I knew it wasn’t exactly a traditional living situation, but I didn’t realize the gravity of its peculiarity until other people started to find out. Parents permitting, most kids would jump at the opportunity to have a sleepover every single night. I’m not sure at what age that possibility turned from slumber party utopia to a head-scratching circumstance.

In reality, the most dramatic part of the situation seems to be everyone’s reactions to it. I’ve received a lot of “How do you do that?”s and “I could never!”s. Let me tell you exactly how we do it and why it’s not as bad as you might be imagining.

First things first, I am not sharing a bed with some random person I met off of Craigslist. That would make for a much better story, but in turn could end in a not-so-shocking murder mystery. I share a bed with my long time best friend Paige from my hometown. We met when I was a crazy, party animal, public school kid and she was a sweet, shy, homeschooled bubkin. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but we slowly developed a friendship that has withstood all that life has thrown at us.



While she was off travelling, I moved into a two bedroom apartment in Victoria. I went through a few roommates and eventually ended up living with a lovely fellow named Matt. Paige eventually came back from her adventures and landed back with her family. It wasn’t long before she professed her interest in living with me in Victoria.

I was elated, but there was one slight problem … I already had someone living in the other room. It didn’t take long for us to decide that we would share my room. The best of both worlds: cheap rent and an endless sleepover. I wasn’t about to give up the chance to see my best friend every day, especially after we had been separated for so long.

It didn’t take long for us to settle in together. I cleared out half of my spacious closet and graciously accepted her clothing as a guest star to my wardrobe. We imposed some rules to insure the situation wouldn't have any drastic impact on us living separate lives.

One of the rules covers exactly what everyone seems to be curious about. It was long pre-decided that, if either of us wanted to bring someone home, the other was to take the couch, no questions asked.



When most people hear our sleeping situation, they expect a long string of complaints but I really don’t have any. If you have a significant other, it’s normal to move in and share a bed with them. I am certain that I like Paige much more than I will ever like any guy. Guys are for now; your Girls are forever. I have someone to cuddle whenever I want and a constant support system just a pillow over.

It has been nearly a year since we first got cozy together. Sometimes we fight like an old married couple, and then curl up into bed as if that’s really what we are. We’d joked about moving in together since we were much younger, but I thought it would be in our seventies when both our husbands finally died. Instead, we started early and did it at 20!

Having her move in was trying at worst, and the greatest decision of my life at best. I wouldn’t suggest that you do the same with just anyone, but if they happen to be your best friend and soulmate, take the cheap rent and tuck each other in at night. Bonus points if they let you put your cold feet on their legs.