How to Make Long Distance Work

When you and your significant other are pulled apart, whether for a short time or a long time, it can be intimidating. It can feel like it has to end, or inevitably will. When I went off to school in Victoria and left my boyfriend in Seattle, everything felt so uncertain and scary. But long distance isn’t all bad. Here are a few ways to keep it going, even miles apart.



1. Text

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to have good everyday communication. Saying good morning or goodnight over text can do a lot: it shows you thought of them and is a great way to talk daily. You can also send them photos of your day, rant text to them, or even just tell them about your classes or work. I know some people don’t like to text constantly, but a few messages here and there is an easy way to keep in touch.



2. Have some idea of when you will see them again

Having a day to look forward to makes the waiting a lot easier. That way, you have a goal to works towards instead of not knowing how long you’ll be without. A countdown is always fun.



3. Make a schedule

Having some sort of schedule for phone calls/Skyping is honestly a must. Whether it be once a week or every other Sunday, it gives you a set time to talk. It is much more personal than texting and makes you spend time just talking to them, which is very important.



4. When you miss them, tell them

When you are far away from you S.O. and you miss them, you should let them know— chances are, they miss you, too. It lets them know you are going through the same thing, and it’s nice to know someone misses you.



5. Remember to talk things out

It can be easy to just avoid them when you’re upset because they aren’t there with you, but this’ll just make things worse. Let them know if you’re upset or feel unfulfilled by the relationship because, even though you can’t talk in person, you can talk things out. Besides, leaving them in the dark is never a good idea.



6. Don’t forget to still flirt with them

It’s still a romantic relationship; don’t make it too much like a friendship. Send them something cute and flirty when you want, or compliment them. Every relationship needs romance, and even if you can’t go out to dinner, you can still have some kind of romance.



7. If you start having feelings for someone else, say something!

It’s never cool to emotionally cheat or to keep things like this from your partner. They deserve to know where you stand, even if it’s hard to tell them.



8. Do what feels right for you guys

You need to text all day, every day? Do it. You want to take a break? Do it. There is no wrong or right way for you to deal with your relationship.


There is no perfect way to deal with a long-distance situation, but it definitely doesn’t need to be the end of the world. There are good things that come with it: time to grow as an individual, a new appreciation for each other, and sometimes better communication. So don’t worry too much: if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.