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How to Have a Princess-Like Day in Victoria

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Vic chapter.

Valentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop treating yourself. Since everyone deserves to feel like a princess, here is a step by step guide on how you can do it yourself! 



Step One: Dress the part. Put on a cute little dress and heels. Add a little sparkle if you can find it in your wardrobe. You’re halfway there.


Step Two: Make it British. I mean, have you seen Victoria? It’s this weird blend between Hippyville and London. So bring on the British! And what is more British and princess-y than a tea party? Am I right or am I right? After exhaustive research I found the perfect little place that Cinderella would totally approve of: Venus Sophia. Located in Chinatown, it looks tiny but when you walk in, it is a huge dining room with white walls and pink accents. For some reason it had this Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe, which I don’t think was the owner’s intention but which I sincerely enjoyed anyways.



Step Three: To go along with the British theme, stop in at Roberta’s Hat Store on Government street on the way to tea. Try on some fascinators, and if you really fall in love, splurge on one for the occasion. If you can’t afford one, trying them on and taking cute pics is half the fun anyways and will bring you closer to your Kate Middleton fantasy instantly.


Step Four: Invite your Prince or Princess Charming to dine with you. For some reason, all princesses have a bae, so I guess you can bring along yours. If you don’t have one, though, there is no shame in flying solo or bringing a friend. (My gal pals are more fun to hang out with anyway…shhh, don’t tell).



And most of all… whatever type of princess you are, have fun! Being a princess for a day is about spoiling yourself, so if you’re not the girly type or could die at the idea of sipping tea and acting proper, make your own princess excursion, and share it below so we can hear about your fairy tale, too.

Carly Grabher is in her fifth year of Creative Writing at The University of Victoria with a minor in Gender Studies. She is the Campus Correspondent of the UVic chapter and has been a contributing writer and editor with Her Campus for four years. In addition to writing articles, Carly formerly danced and worked at Canada's National Ballet School, redesigned the website for The University of Victoria Faculty Association, and worked as the communications and events assistant with UVic's Co-operative Education Program and Career Services.
Ellen is a fourth year student at the University of Victoria, completing a major in Writing and a minor in Professional Writing: Editing and Publishing. She is currently a Campus Correspondent for the UVic chapter, and spends most of her free time playing Wii Sports and going out for breakfast. She hopes to continue her career in magazine editing after graduation, and finally travel somewhere farther than Disneyworld. You can follow her adventures @ellen.harrison