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How to Create the Perfect Everyday College Makeup Routine

With “Everyday Makeup Routine” having over 3 million results on youtube (and “Everyday Makeup Tutorial” having over 1.8 million), it’s hard to know who to watch and what is realistic when you have an 8:30am class. This list has a few youtubers and their everyday makeup routines to give you some inspiration. Let us know where you get your inspiration for your everyday makeup in the comments below!


Claudia Sulewski


Claudia Sulewski does a simple full face everyday makeup. It focuses on a clear skin, bold brows, and light eyeshadow look. She uses only two eyeshadow colours, and skips the eyeliner but keeps a wing! Watch how she does it.


Sarocha B


This is the perfect everyday for hooded eyes. It is simple, and elegant and everything you could want from an everyday makeup routine. Feel free to check out her last years makeup routine for a little fuller coverage, and a little more glam routine.




Lindsey takes a realistic approach to a university makeup routine. She does an awesome mixture of drugstore and highend products, and throws in some college advice for her viewers. This low maintenance look is exactly what you need for Monday mornings.


Cydnee Black


This makeup look is all about the eyes. Cydnee gives great reference for foundation shades for darker skin tones, has great tips for oily skin! She does targeted foundation placement, and a subtle highlight and contour, perfect for everyday.


Your makeup routine is whatever you like to do. So take some of these youtubers as inspiration to your own everyday makeup routine. If you are the girl to just do your brows, or go full glam it’s up to you! Experiment and have fun with your makeup collegiettes!


Originally from Richmond, British Colmbia, Jasmine Yadeta is a forth-year student at the Univeristy of Victoria. She is studying for a BSc in Psychology and Computer Science and is Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UVic. She enjoys breakfast related food items (but let's be honest, who doesn't?), movies, and salivating when in close proximety to baked goods. When not writing for HC, she loves volunteering on and off of campus, cooking with wine, and awing at the occasional puppy. She is constanly sassy, highly motivated and drinks an immense amount of coffee.
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