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Get out there and Vote!

Get out there and Vote! 
Wondering where to vote Wednesday (tomorrow)? We have searched through the madness that is UVic elections and found some of the best links. The important thing to know is that voting is only one day this year, Wednesday Feb 29, contrary to our UVic agendas. This makes it very important that you cast your VOTE TOMORROW so it counts.
What you need to know
There are three major groups competing for your vote are: FUSE, Vision and ERTW. As well as some independents.
To find out about more about these groups visit:
FUSE – http://fuseuvic.ca/,
ERTW – http://www.ertwuvic.ca/
Vision – http://www.visionuvic.com/
To learn more about all the candidates and their platforms you can also check out this comprehensive link: http://www.uvss.uvic.ca/upload/docs/Elections/ElectionsSupplement.pdf
How can I vote?

  1. Log onto https://webvote.uvic.ca/login.php
  2. Vote using your Netlink ID and password.

Am I eligible to vote?
According to the UVSS website all people who pay UVSS fees are eligible to vote for both Board of Directors and Referenda. That means if you are a distance, COOP, or exchange student you can still vote. If you are still unsure you can log onto your UVic account and look at your “Account Summary by Term” to see if you paid. If you are studying at UVic it is very likely you have paid and can vote.

When does voting end?

Voting is from 9 AM Wednesday Feb 29th to 9am Thursday March 1st.
Good luck choosing a candidate to vote for and we hope this helps make your choice a little less stressful.

Clare Walton is a third year Sociology, Social Justice, and Journalism student at the University of Victoria. Growing up in Canada, India, Guyana, and Indonesia she has seen the world. Her exposure to different cultures and practices has made her keen to hear people’s stories. Clare has been a news editor and reporter for various high school and university papers.
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