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Fun February Holidays for When You’re Fed Up with Valentine’s Day

Hershey’s Kisses, romance movies and hallmark cards — some of us just love love! While some of us would rather forget the holiday exists at all. On a brighter note, February brings many other holidays and reasons to celebrate. Whether you’re loved up or single for the foreseeable future, you can still enjoy the season!

International Friendship Month All of February.

Of course it’s great to celebrate and support your pals all year long, but the month of February is an even better time to reconnect with your besties! Remember the ones who were  there during the hardest breakups or cheering you up after dating mishaps: your pals! Make a concrete plan to catch up with an old friend this month, over skype or in-person. You could also strike up a new friendship by trying out a new virtual or in-person class at your local gym, or try volunteering as a way to meet new people.

Black History Month All of February.

In Canada and the US everyone is invited to learn more about Black communities and how important they are in shaping Canadian and American heritage and identity. Consider joining in a virtual celebration to hear stories, performances, tributes and interviews. Donate to a social justice cause like Black Lives Matter (BLM) or National Alliance for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP) to support work being done to end white supremacy and ensure the wellbeing of communities of color. 

Choose this month to explore movies/media by Black creators. Uvic Students can register for a program of specially selected films from the Students of Color Collective (SOCC) exploring Black Identity and History. Off-campus? Disney+ viewer’s can enjoy Beyonce’s visual album “Black is King”, featuring stunning visuals and a score of African-inspired music.



Pre-register for film programming: https://soccollective.com/schedule-1

Lantern Festival February 15th

元宵节 (Yuánxiāojié) or the Chinese Lantern Festival, marks the end of the Lunar New Year period, and the first full moon. This day is celebrated by decorating the streets, businesses and homes with lanterns, making the streets come aglow with colorful lights that symbolize renewal and hopefulness. During this festival people will snack on delightful 汤圆 (tāng’yuán), or 元宵 (yuán’xiāo), balls of sticky rice that are filled with sugar, red bean or date paste. Learn more about this festival on YouTube.


World Pangolin Day   February 20th

Pangolins are the only mammal on earth to be covered in scales. Unfortunately these unusual creatures are one of the most vulnerable and most heavily trafficked animals on earth. Show your kindness to Pangolins this February by celebrating their official day. You can hashtag on social media #worldpangolinday to bring attention to the cause, or donate to a conservation charity such as the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) or even adopt a Pangolin for yourself, or give as a gift. 


World Pistachio Day   February 26th.

An unofficial holiday dedicated to the little green nuts. How do you celebrate this holiday? By munching on plenty of pistachios. Try adding them to your lunch as a crunchy salad topper, or mixing them with cranberries and craisins for a delicious homemade trail mix. Known as the “happy nut” in China, they are delicious and packed with protein. You could even try a decadent pistachio latte as a seasonal treat. (Available from Starbucks across the US/Canada.)

Mardi Gras Tuesday March 1st

Okay, so the traditional festival falls in March of this year, however, any excuse to eat more breakfast food is just too good to miss! So I hope you’ll forgive it’s inclusion. If you’re a fan of the breakfast food, have a traditional pancake party with your roommates or friends, and share your favorite sweet or savory toppings. You could also look at your local bar/pub scene to attend a Mardi Gras celebration or watch a parade via livestream from the comfort of your own home, soaking in the traditional colors, masquerade masks and festivities!

Perhaps these celebrations and festivals will inspire you to connect with friends or loved ones and make unique memories this February. Hopefully this list will alleviate those Valentine’s blues. If not, there’s always discount chocolate come February 15th!

Sarah is a 25 year old MA Art History and Visual Studies student at Uvic. She loves writing about art, film and music. When she's not busy blogging or studying she loves to dance, practise yoga, visit galleries and cook yummy vegetarian food!
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