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If you’re like me, procrastinating homework is an art. Everything is a distraction, and all of a sudden it’s three hours before your assignment is due and all you feel is regret that you hadn’t finished it earlier. I’ve found a tactic to tackle my ongoing dependence on procrastination, which many others have also found to work: cute cafes. By sitting in a fun and fresh little cafe, I find myself channelling Blair Waldorf or Rory Gilmore; I am an A+ University student, on top of everything. So, here is a list of five fun and fresh cafes to study at in Victoria to keep yourself on top of everything. 

Little June Cafe

Little June Cafe is located in Oak Bay across the street from a small mini market adorned with flower bouquets and a brick-laden pub. With outdoor and indoor seating and possibly the best latte you may ever taste, Little June emits a fairytale-like sparkle that can empower even the worst procrastinator to open up Brightspace. That and their well-priced soup and bread appetizer (that is to die for), make this cafe a perfect study place.

Good Earth Coffeehouse

Good Earth Coffeehouse is different from Little June due to its larger interior and quieter atmosphere. It’s a chain, but that doesn’t make their Apple Butter Lattes any less delicious. This cafe is on Oak Bay Ave, has a larger indoor study area, and at any one time, you can find a fellow university student inside stressing about an essay or future test. It creates an environment of quiet support, as the person at the table behind you is likely feeling the same pressure as you are. 


Koffi, aptly named, is a small cafe that one would usually completely miss, located on a tiny street near Hillside Mall and surrounded by a family-friendly neighbourhood. It’s often decorated for the season’s holiday, this month decked out with Halloween decor. Many friendly older patrons sit around at tables and will often ask to help you with your work if you look perplexed (which I usually do). This cafe has such a warm environment and absolutely saved me last finals season. They let you sit as long as you need, and if you get hungry they have some great lunch options for cheap, which of course is necessary for a university student. 

Ruth and Dean

Ruth and Dean Cafe is located next to Willows Beach. This makes a lovely seaside experience for your studies, and if you get antsy you can take a quick beachside stroll to get your head back in the game. Although the food is slightly pricier than the other options on this list ($10 for a breakfast sandwich), there is reason for such, as you can taste the expertise in the food and drinks. I tend to feel at peace with nature when smelling the ocean, and this cafe offers that aroma, helping to centre even the most distracted student.

Pure Vanilla Bakery and Cafe

You can spot this cafe by the colourful flower baskets that hang outside and mix with twinkling holiday lights that hang from the awning. The smell of quiche and savory lunch options as well as sweets and lattes drift out the door begging for you to come in. If you’ve ever craved a delicious light meal with your side of a five-page essay or overly procrastinated midterm test prep, this is the place for you. With more outdoor seating than in, do plan in tandem with the weather. 

I sincerely hope that this list has inspired you to pick up your work and take charge of studying at one of these fun cafes. Beating procrastination is a talent, and a talent better practised with a good drink and snack in hand.

My name is Helena Howland and I am a third year at the University of Victoria. My major is political science with a minor in journalism, specializing in gender studies.