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It’s easy to check out during October with the amount of assignments and midterms due, but Halloween is coming up fast! Let’s get our priorities straight—DIYs before GPAs. Keep reading for five easy U Vic-themed Halloween costumes that are distinct enough to get a laugh, but don’t take a lot of time or effort.

Ring Road

Break out your craft skills this week and make your very own Ring Road costume. Use your imagination or follow a tutorial to create a big circle of “road” out of felt or cardboard, and literally just hang it on your neck. If you’re feeling extra obnoxious, you could attach it to a hula hoop for more structure.

George the Peacock

Next is a classic: George the peacock. Most students have had a close encounter with George, (the campus peacock) at some point in their degrees, so this costume is sure to land with your classmates. If your budget allows, simply order a peacock costume or onesie and slap a name tag on your chest. Otherwise, dollar stores and craft stores often have fake peacock feathers in their craft sections, so getting creative with a teal outfit and a glue gun works too.

Electric Scooter Rider

In lieu of name dropping, try dressing up as a generic and nondescript “Electric Scooter Rider!” If you live with your parents you might already have an old scooter laying around, but otherwise Value Village often sells them for cheap, tucked in with the sports equipment. Add a helmet and a name tag to top it off. To really sell it, make sure to ask people at Halloween parties to take rides and selfies with you

Cluster Puddle

Another slightly less obvious cluster party themed costume is the cluster puddle! Famous for luring in drunk, shirtless boys in the dead of night, it’s practically a ghost story in itself. All you have to do is raid your closet for a cute brown outfit, then make sure you look generally disheveled! Mess up your hair, add leaves or something, maybe dirty up your face a little bit, and you’re golden.

Burnt Out

Find yourself waking up on the 31st after finishing 90 assignments, panicking because you completely forgot to get a costume? Sometimes honesty is the best policy. Throw on any piece of UVic merch, carry a used candle along with you as a prop, and call yourself, “Burnt Out”! 

Hopefully this list can save a few people from being ridiculed for showing up to a Halloween event costume-less. If you use one of these ideas, DM @hercampusuvic your outfit pictures on Instagram for our entertainment!

Cooper Anderson is a journalist from Tsawassen, BC, who is working towards a degree in Writing with a specialization in nonfiction and a minor in Social Justice at the University of Victoria. They enjoy writing creative nonfiction and journalistic pieces, but also working their left brain with songwriting, having released their self produced indie folk album, Black Eyed Susan, in 2022. The first and only award they've won for their writing was a Scholastic Kids competition in which they wrote a paragraph about creating their own planet to rule (they won a telescope). Social justice topics such as intersectional feminism, humanitarian work, and representation in media especially drive them to write, and they hope to one day create a graphic memoir about LGBTQ+ issues.