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Five podcasts to accompany you on your morning commute

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I don’t know about everyone else, but having to commute to school every morning again is taking some adjusting. I got far too comfortable with the 30-second commute from my bed to my desk. So in an effort to make the half-hour I spend driving to campus each morning go by a little faster I’ve started listening to podcasts. I have been trying out tons of new ones, many of which were suggested to me by other podcast lovers – so thanks to everyone for their help!

Without further ado, here are five podcasts to help keep you sane as you sit in traffic on McKenzie for the hundredth time.

You’re Wrong About.

This podcast hosted by Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall deconstructs popular misconceptions about historical events and phenomenons in a really fun and consumable way. It focuses on how these phenomena are socially constructed over time – how our interactions come to shape popular stories and ideas, which warms my Soci student heart. If you’re ever looking for a super interesting podcast that’s both fun and educational then this is a great one to check out (thank you to fellow HC writer Emma de Blois for this suggestion!).

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.

This is a really great podcast for anyone in their late teens and early twenties. Emma talks about a lot of stuff that I think any young person living in the 21st century can relate to. It’s topical, inspirational, raw and funny. It’s not your traditional structured podcast, it’s more like a casual conversation with a friend and there’s something refreshing about that. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll nod your head in agreement even if no one else is around. And maybe feel a little stupid for doing it in an empty car. But it’s okay because you’re hanging out with Emma.


We’ve all listened to the My Favorite Murder podcast, and don’t get me wrong it’s a fantastic podcast. But sometimes it’s nice to have a change in (auditory) scenery. Morbid covers some super interesting stories and is a nice deviation from the usual true crime script. The hosts Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelley have really good energy and add a lighthearted edge to some dark stories without taking away from their serious nature.

Philosophize This!

This is definitely a biased pick on my part, but we’re going to roll with it because I seriously think this is a great podcast if you want to learn more about Philosophy without committing to a full course. It’s an epic romp through the Philosophers and their theories. The host Stephen West attacks these theories in a really consumable way – the episodes are all around 30 minutes and turn dense and often complicated concepts into something that’s easy and even fun to understand. It works somewhat chronologically, so if you start at the first episode and work your way through you will get a good grounding.

Do Go On.

This podcast is a great blend of comedy and education, and I’m a bit upset it took me this long to find it. The hosts (comedians Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins and Dave Warneke) take turns researching a subject and then teaching it to one another – and us. They cover heists, cults, popular figures, historical events – you name it. It’s both hilarious and educational – a great way to start your day. Really, what more could you ask for?

Hopefully one of these podcasts stuck out to you, there are so many out there it can sometimes be hard to know which ones are worth your time. Personally, having something to fill the time while commuting helps quell my frequent and overwhelming desire to bang my head against the wheel. Stay safe out there!

Sierra is a second-year student at UVic, studying philosophy, sociology and all things human. When she's not studying, she loves finding new recipes, watching crime dramas and roaming the aisles of Russell Books.
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