Campus Cutie: Bleda Barış

Bleda Barış

Meet Bleda! He’s approachable, funny, creative, and obviously cute! A great cook who is always willing to explore and have a good time. Say hi to this weeks Campus Cutie!

YEAR: 2nd

MAJOR: Visual Arts

HOMETOWN: Istanbul, Turkey

ACTIVITIES: Running, sketching, watching movies.


HC: Favourite quality in a girl?

I really like red haired girls, gingers. That’s my weakness.

HC: Any deal breakers?

Smoking, or hard drugs (laughs) the usual.

HC: Why did you choose UVic?

I couldn’t get into UBC (laughs)

HC: Movies in the theatre or at home? Why?

In the theatre, but no 3-D. Why? Because the sound is so much better!

HC: Your favourite genre of movie?

I definitely like drama and action, and crime movies, if crime movies is even a genre..

HC: Favourite ice cream flavor?

Pistachio, I love it. I like vanilla too, but I feel like that’s generic and boring. So we’ll stick with Pistachio.

HC: Best quality about yourself?

Physically, my eyes, ugh so cheesy, also my shoe size. Mentally, im humble,  kind of contradictory by pointing it out (laughs), and active and outgoing. I have a want to do things.

HC: Number one thing you love about being an adult.

I can show my ID and nod my head, and its kind of like a “damn right I can drink” feeling.

HC: Favourite song to dance to at a party?

Right now, uptown funk is my jam.

HC: Favourite thing to cook?

Cinnamon buns.

HC: Splurge item to buy?

I don’t mind spending money on good pants that fit well.

HC: Favourite thing about your major?

Probably how open it is, and how much freedom we are given with each project and assignment.