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Lush is my cure for everything. Did badly on a homework assignment? Go to Lush. Fighting with the SO? Go to Lush. Tired and sore from working so much? Lush. Just generally stressed? L. U. S. H. If I’m going to treat myself anywhere, it’s going to be Lush. You don’t even need to be having a hard time, sometimes you just deserve a little TLC. No matter the occasion, here are some of the best products from Lush that will make you say “you know what, I deserve this.”


1. Bath Bombs

What better way to treat yourself then to grab your favourite bath bomb and curl up in a warm bath with a book? Bath bombs can change your mood, soothe your muscles, and make your skin perfectly soft. I find Yoga Bomb the most relaxing if you’re feeling a bit stressed, but my all-time favourite is Sex Bomb, if you’re looking for a different kind of treat.


2. Face Wash

Face wash is a given for anyone’s everyday routine, but treating yourself to something a little different or maybe a little more expensive than usual can really give you a mood boost. My favourite Lush face wash is Angels on Bare Skin. It’s got ground almonds to help exfoliate, and is clay based, which is perfect for sensitive skin. The lavender, rose, and chamomile oils are definitely a treat as well.


3. Fresh Face Mask

Nothing is more luxurious than a face mask, and the fresh face masks from Lush are some of the best. They have a short shelf-life, but they’re made with all natural ingredients and go perfectly with a solo bath night, or a girls night in.  My favourite is Rosy Cheeks, because it’s great for sensitive skin and smells like roses (are you seeing a pattern here yet?). It’s moisturizing, calming, and definitely feels like a treat.


4. Body Tint

This is the perfect thing to treat yourself with because it’s definitely not necessary, but just feels so fancy. These are perfect for the summer, since they’ll help you glow from head to toe. Try Black Stockings for a bronzy look, or Shimmy Shimmy for a subtle highlight.


5. Hair Oil Treatment

Again, this is a product that you probably don’t need but will definitely want. You just have to melt down the solid treatment and mix it into your hair. Damaged is great for, you guessed it, damaged hair, and has a delicious vanilla smell that will linger long after you wash it out.


6. Lip Scrub

This is just the cherry on top of an ultimate shopping spree at Lush, especially because they’re always right next to the cash register. Sure, this might not be the first thing on your list, but having a delicious scrub and baby smooth lips after your nice bath is a great feeling. Honey includes white chocolate and vanilla, and luckily you get to eat it after you scrub your lips, which is good because you’d probably want to eat it anyways.


So, what are you reading for? Treat yourself!


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Ellen is a fourth year student at the University of Victoria, completing a major in Writing and a minor in Professional Writing: Editing and Publishing. She is currently a Campus Correspondent for the UVic chapter, and spends most of her free time playing Wii Sports and going out for breakfast. She hopes to continue her career in magazine editing after graduation, and finally travel somewhere farther than Disneyworld. You can follow her adventures @ellen.harrison