The Best Burritos in Victoria

Who doesn’t love a good burrito? There may not be any Chipotle restaurants in Victoria, but there are several other fabulous options available to help you get your burrito fix! We have put together a comprehensive list of the top places to get a burrito here in Victoria. We hope you love these as much as we do!



Quesada only just opened up on Yates and Government Street this past summer and they are bringing a new air to burritos in Victoria – complete burrito customization! With everything from being able to pick the size of your tortilla to getting to pick what type of beans you want, they have customization to the maximum. It also feels like a healthier option because you get to choose and see exactly what’s going into your burrito. They even have a stamp card (To fuel your obsession of course). You can get a burrito for under $10, and they have coupons! Recommendations for first timers would be the spicy chicken burrito! Enjoy!


Tacofino was originally a food truck thought up in the popular surfing spot, Tofino. Now with restaurant locations in Vancouver and Victoria, and multiple trucks in their arsenal, Tacofino has grown into a West Coast sensation! I know this blog is meant for burritos, but I have to point out their fish tacos - Hands down the best taco I have ever had! They have a crispy chicken burrito that I would wait in line for any day. Their burritos come with guacamole in them already so you don’t have to pay extra (unlike Chipotle). They are located on Fort Street and they are open until 11pm everyday. Burritos here go for $8-12 – a definite must try for any burrito connoisseur. 


La Taquisa is my favourite place for burritos on this list. La Taquisa pride themselves as a fresh and authentic place for Mexican food. The interior of their downtown location on Blanshard and Fort Street is welcoming and bright; they have a wonderful atmosphere and very helpful staff. La Taquisa has one of the most diverse menus, and all of their meats are locally sourced, and are hormone and antibiotic free! With two locations in Victoria, they are here for all of your burrito needs. For $8-10 you will get one of the best burritos you’ll ever taste – I recommend the Beef Al Pastor for first timers.  



Finally, La Fiesta Café opened with the goal of providing great Mexican food to the Victoria area. Located on Broughton and Douglas Street, it is right in the downtown core. With passionate staff, and amazing food, they are definitely a must try. They have the largest menu, with tons of variety, not to mention amazing hours (on Fridays and Saturdays their downtown location is open until 3am!) Perfect for a late night burrito run! Their burritos also always come with a side of freshly made tortilla chips and access to a free salsa bar – what’s not to love? My favourite is the chicken burrito, and I grab the corn salsa. Burritos here will go for about $10, and they are massive!


Well now you know all the secrets of Victoria’s best burrito places. So when you aren’t studying, or you just are really looking for a break, grab some friends, grab a burrito, and melt all your worries away.

- HCxo