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Apple just announced their new device lineup – what’s new?

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Are you in the market for a new device? If you watched the recent Apple keynote, then you may be tempted to treat yourself to a new study tool. But before you do, let us help you break down all the main announcements and how they compare to the previous model, allowing you to make an informed choice on a painfully expensive product.

Apple announced two new iPads this year, with the new and improved iPad starting at $329 USD, and the iPad mini starting at $499 USD. In terms of improvements, the iPad is now powered with an A13 Bionic Chip, allowing for a seamless transition between tasks. For the iPad mini lineup, we see it’s powered with an A15 chip with no other significant changes.

The Apple watch series 7 has some minor improvements compared to its predecessor, although most changes relate to the watch display. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your watch, it may be best to wait until a watch with more substantial changes is released.

While the new iPhone 13 saw processing and screen upgrades, the keynote focused on an updated camera system. Apple claims that all you need for taking a good photo is the iPhone 13 camera – I guess we’ll find out once they’re released!

Apple has a strong lineup of revamped products, but unfortunately they come with a large price tag. Although, if you’re looking for a new Apple product, refurbished may be the way to go! What are your thoughts on the keynote? Let us know in the comments below!

Savannah is currently in her fourth year at UVic majoring in English and Business! When not swamped with readings, she can be found exploring downtown, drinking way too many pumpkin spice cold brews, reading, and enjoying the experiences UVic has to offer.