7 Apps to Get Your Life Together

Every year you tell yourself “this is the semester, I’ll get straight A’s”. Well this is that semester; the 7 apps below are going to help you get your act together.


Don’t Break the Chain 

This app allows you to track your every day commitments. Consistency is key to achieving goals, and building daily habits is the goal of this app. It centers on the idea that you can build any habit as long as you keep it up, hence Don’t Break The Chain! Free for iPhones.

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Wunderlist is a task manager app that makes doing your every day tasks easy. You can sync all your devices and calendar, and you can sort to-do lists between school, work, and home. Set reminders, and never forget a deadline ever again! Did I mention it’s extremely aesthetically pleasing? Free for Android and iPhone!


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Nike + training club

This incredible workout app gives endless possibilities and non-stop motivation. You can favourite the workouts you love, stay on track with programs, and witness your results. Bringing your phone to the gym will never be more productive. Free for Android and iPhone devices.


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Trello is basically a white board with super powers. It keeps track of checklists, to do lists, and basic daily organization. It gives you the ability to collaborate with co-workers, and provides  an area to keep coworkers updated. You can attach photos, videos, pdf files, basically anything you need. Free for Android, iPad and iPhone with Apple watch capabilities.


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Remember the milk

Never forget your milk! (or anything else), because this app is the universal to-do list in your pocket. It can help you plan the best way to get things done by your geographical area, and it’s pretty. It’s free for Android and iPhone!


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Sleep cycle alarm clock

If one of your resolutions this year is getting some more sleep, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is for you. This app analyzes your sleep cycle, and finds the prefect time for you to wake up by waiting for you to be in your lightest sleep phase. Available for $0.99US for Androids, and free for iPhones!


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My Study Life

It’s like a prettier calendar, on your phone! This app organizes your classes and assignments, you can get notified for reminders when certain tasks aren’t done, and you can sync all your devices together. It also makes your school schedule colour coordinated and beautiful, which is a little motivation... maybe? Free for Android and iPhone.


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Hope these apps help you succeed this semester! 

(If these apps don't help you this school year, I'm not sure what will!)