11 UVic Student Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow


Megh embodies natures and the outdoors, and documents every second of it. She explores BC to the fullest, and I am basically living vicariously through her.



Kelsey’s feed is full of cool tones. Originally from Calgary, she embodies the West Coast lifestyle, and looks great while doing it.



Mike basically has the best Insta handle of all time. He documents his good times with his friends, and it’s great to watch.



Danny has an amazing bio. Besides that, his nature-filled feed and psychedelic undertones really entice you. It’s bomb.



Lucas’ Instagram feed screams West Coast. He documents his adventures across Canada with his rowing team and throws in an awesome tree pic here and there.



Josh has pretty much complied every aesthetically pleasing building in the city on his Insta, and it looks phenomenal. Victoria has never looked so good.



Leanna probably has the best coffee pictures I’ve ever seen. Her bright feed, with its mix of food, nature and coffee, is definitely worth looking at.


Sékel’s muted feed is not something to pass up. Her aesthetic is on point, and shows off the beauty of Vancouver Island.


Keara brings pleasing aesthetics and trendiness together in a perfect feed. She’s even going to Brno, Czech Republic next year, and it will totally be worth following her to see the documentation.


She’s a photographer and it shows. Her ability to capture simple images beautifully is worth the follow.


Charles is expert-level at the Insta game. His feed will leave you longing for his next post. The nature pics are so expertly coordinated, they’re out of this world.

What UVic student accounts are you following? Let us know below!