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10 Things to Do on Halloween That Don’t Involve Partying

Halloween: a spooky day that gives you the chance to dress up as anything you want and the perfect excuse to get super drunk on whatever day of the week it falls on. But not all of us are up for a party on a Wednesday night (or any night). If you’re one of those people, here are 10 things to do on Halloween that don’t involve going to a party.


1. Have a scary (or not so scary) movie night with your friends


2. Explore your local pumpkin patch


3. Carve the pumpkins you found


4. Go to a corn maze


5. Do some fall baking


6. Go on a cute coffee date with a friend or significant other


7. Head to a haunted house


8. Try out the Ghostly Walk tours in downtown Victoria


9. Have a spoopy potluck with your friends


10. Get dressed up and hand out candy to the neighbourhood kids


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Sammy Walton is a third year Kinesiology major at the University of Victoria. She is hoping to find a career in the exercise, physical health, or physical therapy fields. She enjoys staying active, outdoor activities, fashion, and anything Disney and often uses them for inpiration as a HerCampus at UVic writer.  You can see her in action by following her on Instagram @sammywalton
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