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10 Halloween Costumes for You and your Boo

If you’re like most students at UVic, currently battling your way through midterms, you might not have even realized how far into the semester we are. But Halloween is right around the corner now, and it’s definitely time to get spooky and start planning your costume!

Whether you’re going to a party, clubbing, or staying in and giving out candy, it’s always so much fun to dress up and be someone else for a night. And since everyone knows the only thing better than one awesome costume is two, here are 10 costume ideas that are perfect for you and your boo!


1. Tooth Fairy and Dentist

This is a good one in case your SO isn’t as excited to dress up as you are! All you need is a cute dress/skirt/tutu and a set of wings from the dollar store. Your partner just wears a pair of medical scrubs and a mask. Make sure to bring along a toothbrush or two for added effect!


2. Wonder Woman and Superman

Since the release of the new movie this year, Wonder Woman is probably going to be a very popular costume this Halloween! Have your partner dress up as Superman for an adorable couple’s look.

This costume is easy to find in stores, but if you’re crafty you can do it yourself. I recommend gluing silver stars onto a navy skirt, then using yellow or gold electrical tape to add her logo onto a red tank top. Then make a gold crown, belt, and arm bands from fabric from a craft store. Don’t forget the red boots or converse if you have them!


3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

I absolutely love Disney, and so Mickey and Minnie are one of my favourite two-people costumes. For Minnie, bring out your favourite red and white polka dot dress or top, and pair it with black tights or bottoms. Accessorize with yellow shoes and a cute bow in your hair. To top of this look, you can make mouse ears out of cardboard, a black pen or fabric, and a headband.


4. Dalmatian and Firefighter

Of course, you can never go wrong with dressing up as a puppy! Decorate a white top with black spots, and pair with a black skirt or shorts. You can find a pair of cute ears at the dollar store! Play it up with some makeup looks including whiskers and a puppy nose. For a firefighter, simply add some reflective tape to a pair of black pants, then add red suspenders and a fun hat! If your bae has some yellow boots they can wear, then go for it.


5. Hockey Player and Stanley Cup

Since we’re in Canada, I’m sure there are some hockey fans out there! This is an awesome costume that lets you show your team some support while you dress up.

The player gets to wear their favourite team’s jersey, and add whatever other team swag they have. To be the stanley cup, simply print of the NHL logo and tape or glue it to the front of your favourite silver dress. Make a hat out of styrofoam and silver spray paint, and you’ll be the ultimate prize!


6. Jim and Pam

If you’re dressing up with your “Netflix and Chill” buddy this year, why not dress up as everyone’s favourite couple from The Office? To go as Jim, just wear a blue dress shirt and tie with some khaki pants. For Pam, wear a khaki skirt with a white dress shirt, pink cardigan, and white keds. Make sure you wear your hair in her signature half back style!

You can make Dunder Mifflin name tags to pull it all together. If you have other friends that want to dress up with you, you can easily turn this into a group costume with all the other employees.


7. Ash and Pikachu

The age of Pokémon Go is sadly past us for the most part, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up as your favourite duo! For Pikachu, wear a yellow tank top with black shorts. You can make a pair of ears by covering foam or stuffing with yellow and black fabric, and attaching them to a headband. Use face paint to make two red dots on your cheeks. Ash wears a white t-shirt with blue jeans. Top it off with a blue vest and his signature baseball cap. Don’t forget the pokéball!


8. Rick and Morty

If anyone that’s taken a science class wants another use for their lab coat, this might be a good costume for you. Everywhere I look, I find a new Rick and Morty meme, so I bet this is going to be a popular look this Halloween.

To dress up as Morty, just wear your favourite yellow t-shirt and jeans. Rick wears a light blue shirt and brown pants, with a lab coat. If you’re really committed to the look, you can use temporary blue hair dye! An important part of the Rick costume is of course a flask – full or not is up to you! It is Halloween, after all.


9. Alien and Astronaut

This is a fun costume that allows you to embrace the galaxy trend that’s all over pinterest these days. Dressing as an alien gives you a lot of creative licensing, so have fun coming up with an out of this world makeup look.

For clothing, the more iridescent the better, if you have anything shiny. If not, wear as much neon colours as you can. Your bae can either wear a Nasa shirt and dress as an earthling, or join you as an extraterrestrial!


10. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

Growing up in the early 2000’s, I know I’m probably not alone when I say Kim Possible was one of my first feminist icons. Not only that, but the girl had such a good style! To be her for Halloween, you just need a comfy pair of cargo pants, a black long sleeved shirt that you can make into a crop top, and black gloves!

The costume is pretty similar for Ron Stoppable, although typically your partner would wear grey or khaki pants compared to your olive green ones. The best part about this costume is that you’ll be prepared for Victoria’s unpredictable weather. Not to mention you’ll be comfortable, since these outfits are meant for taking out bad guys!


So whoever you’re dressing up with this year, remember to have fun with your costumes! I think Halloweentown summed it up best: “Being normal is vastly overrated”.


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Chantelle is a third year History major at the University of Victoria. She loves bad puns, good books, and the colour pink. In her spare time you can find her binge watching Grey's Anatomy, singing and dancing to Disney songs, spending too much money at Sephora, and baking (and eating) dessert. Her favourite book is Stephanie Perkins' 'Anna and the French Kiss', and her body is 50-75% chai tea latte.
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