Wowed by the "Nicest Kids in Town"; The SMC Troubadours' Hairspray! The Musical Review

The SMC Troubadours production of Hairspray :The Musical wowed its viewers with stunning choreography, amazing vocalists, and incredible actors. Amid Hairspray’s upbeat songs and great choreography, it portrays several gripping social issues such as racial tension, sizeism, and ableism in a form that’s enjoyable to viewers, while maintaining the importance of these issues. The plot involves the lead protagonist named Tracy and her dream of being a tv star on the Corny Collin’s Show. However, her mom (Edna Turnblad) attempts to discourage her, as she feels Tracy will be discriminated against because of her weight. Despite the challenges and negativity, she faces in getting on the show, she lands herself a leading spot next to the heartthrob Link Larkin. She later learns of all the forms of discrimination that occur within the tv world, and partners with her friends to fight back against them. The show's magic was greatly accented by The lead actors Hannah Lazare and Robert Bazzocchi who portrayed the characters Tracy and Link effectively showcased the characters’ chemistry and personas. Link’s looks and on-stage charisma mirrors that of award-winning actor Zac Efron, as seen through his winks at the audience and flirtatious moves. Tracy’s bubbly personality and energy were adored by the crowd and brought a lot of upbeat fun despite the heavy social issues in the play. The show's magic was accented by the rest of the cast. The production choreographer Armon Ghaeinizadeh choreographed stunning musical numbers which all the actors executed effortlessly, erupting applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

As stated by Hairspray! actress Haley Dufour, “Of all the shows I’ve been in, the Hairspray cast has been the most talented group of artists I’ve ever gotten to work with. I can’t imagine a better group of people to kick off my Toronto acting experiences with!”

This amazing production could not have been done without the dedication of the actors, musicians, and production team members. As stated by the assistant stage manager Isaac Pilazo, “Being on the production team was definitely an interesting and unique experience. As someone who only has experience in the performative aspect of theatrical productions, it was interesting to see the inner workings of production from a backstage perspective. I gained a whole new level of respect for individuals who are apart of the backstage workings of a show!” Producer Julia Orsini also states  “In this production of Hairspray,  I wanted the most amount of transparency possible between cast and production team members, given the nature and the sensitivities highlighted in the show. The producers had 3 different tasks; to ensure that casts members felt comfortable and safe, to ensure that the SMC Troubadours, were representing our college well, and three, to upkeep our contractual obligation to Hart House Theatre in regarding ticket sales and open lines of communication. Each cast member brought passion and commitment towards the show and rehearsal. The show went above and beyond any of our expectations.” 

Viewers like myself excitedly await the next SMC Troubadours’ production, but while we wait, can we get an encore? 


Student Bios:

Haley Dufour is a first-year drama specialist and English minor. She played the role of the principle and was a female ensemble member in Hairspray. Haley has appeared in several theatre productions such as Beauty and The Beast, Footloose, and Anne of Green Gables. 

Julia Orsini is a third-year Political science major with minors in Italian and English. She was one of the producers for Hairspray, this is her second year as production manager for the SMC Troubadours. Julia has appeared in various musicals throughout her time at U of T. Her most notable performance on campus thus far was Jane Moore in VCDS' Production of Assassins in March of 2017.  

Isaac Pilozo is a first-year student majoring in English and Drama. Isaac has appeared in several theatre productions such as Grease as Danny Zuko and She Loves Me as Aprad. Isaac was an Assistant Manager for Hairspray