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We Found Love in a Hopeless Place: 10 Ways to Find Love at a UofT Library

With 44 libraries across 3 campuses, how hard could be to find love at in U of T library? Love does not have to be as rare as the books in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, it just takes a little effort. Here are some tips to start you off on your hunt for the absolute cutie.

1. Find something in common

It can be something small, from being at the same table, being in the same book aisle, or noticing that you've both been there since 9 am, finding something in common with someone isn’t that difficult. This could lead to easy conversation starters and you won’t have to worry about sounding too out of the blue.

2. Smile!

Smiling is the universal indication of happiness! Who wouldn’t fall for a killer smile? Smiling can draw positive attention and definitely spark interest. Throw a smile their way and follow up with some smoldering eye contact if you’re feeling brave.

3. Narrow the search

Trying to find love in a crowded place can be hard, especially in a library. Some students may be looking for a passing grade rather than love in the library - crazy, I know. Head for an area with fewer people for a more intimate atmosphere and try to spark a quiet conversation.

4. Be creative

In this day and age, technology is our friend; whether it be picking up a phone number or a study break for some Facebook stalking. Be creative and try something old school like passing a note. It’s the last thing anyone would expect and would definitely make for a memorable first meeting.

5. Drop something. 

Draw some attention by dropping something. Anything. Be it a pen or a book, drop it in a relatively close proximity to the one you’re eyeing. If luck would have it, maybe they’ll even pick it up for you. This gives you an excuse to get closer to the person, maybe a chance to introduce your lovely self.

6. Be nosy

Being nosy isn’t always a bad thing! It’s all about being subtle. Check out what they’re reading, what aisle they’re in, anything that would give you a little more insight on the cutie you’ve got your sights on.

7. Borrow something

Ask to borrow a piece of paper, an eraser or maybe even a Macbook charger. That's right, go into the library unprepared for all things (or stash them in your bag) and hope that a special someone will save you from the dark pits of blank reports and miserable papers.

8. Mutter something witty

Show some character! If you’re not really one to introduce yourself right away, make a small witty comment to yourself and make sure they hear it. Making someone laugh is a great way to share a smile.

9. Offer gum or a mint

How many times have you taken out a pack of gum and had people flock you for a piece? Try offering a piece instead and hope they don’t take it as an insult to them having bad breath. This could lead to some minty fresh conversations!

10.   Hope isn’t lost

If all else fails and you’re lucked out on love, remember that you’re in a library. A library full of gorgeous, intelligent books. Pick one up and show it some loving, who knows? Maybe you’ll find a dashing protagonist to sweep you away.

Tracy is a first-year student getting lost around campus on the daily. She is an optimist that tends to sleep avidly, however, she is by no means a misanthrope. She loves going out, but only as long as the food is as good as the company. It is remarkably easy to make her laugh, and she loves doing it (and will hopefully live longer because of it). Emotional to a fault, she will cry during movies and especially when reading a good book. All in all, she's an organized mess, a fabulously organized mess
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