Top Five Horror Movies for Halloween

WARNING: Contains spoilers

In honour of Halloween coming up, I have created a list of the top five scary movies I would recommend any scary-movie-lover. However, as I have not watched all the scariest movies made so far, these are the most - somewhat recent (except The Ring), top horror films from my point of view.

(Warning: The summary of these movies may include some spoilers)

5. Annabelle:

I personally have a big fear of porcelain dolls and that is why I nearly died while watching this movie – at the theater. We learn more about the history of this doll which was first introduced in The Conjuring. I re-watched this movie twice, once with my family and once by myself at home. I decided the put the movie on mute and realized it wasn’t that scary anymore. The sound effects played a major role in scaring the viewer. Although I was extremely disappointed in the ending, I still somewhat enjoyed this movie and would probably watch it again.

4. Insidious:

I honestly enjoyed watching all three chapters. They are all somewhat related and that’s one of the major reasons why I like them. However, they do contain some cliché scenes from old horror movies. Furthermore, the scenes make you jump mostly because of the visual effects, the makeup, and the scary background music. The plot itself is not super scary but still intriguing.

3. The Ring:

This movie is a pretty old movie compared to the other movies on this list. It came out in 2002, and many people have most likely watched it. The movie is a remake of an older Japanese movie. It is about an old videotape that displays random creepy scenes when played. Once the person finishes watching the video. They get a call saying “seven days.” And in seven days you will die. But why, and by whom? Well you have to watch the movie to figure that part out! Definitely a movie that will not let you sleep at night without hugging your teddy-bear very tightly.

2. The Conjuring:

Although it may seem like a typical scary movie at first (family moves into a haunted house and are haunted), it is not a typical movie. Once the parents realize that their children are at risk, they call up Ed and Lorraine Warren who are world-renowned paranormal investigators. The movie will make you jump a lot. And one last thing that makes this movie even scarier is that it is based on a true story! At the end of the movie, pictures of the actually family and Ed and Lorrain Warren are shown, which basically makes you pass out in your seat once you realize all of these events ACTUALLY happened.

1. Oculus:

This movie came out in the year of 2013. It is about a vintage mirror that is haunted and has caused the deaths of several people for many years. The movie kept me on the edge of my seat, and I would highly recommend it to any scary-movie-lover. 

Enjoy the movies, and have a happy Halloween!