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Edited by Sophia Savva

If you’re like me and get spooked pretty easily, then picking a TV show or movie to watch on Halloween can be a daunting task. Luckily, I have three recommendations to get you in the Halloween Spirit that WON’T keep you awake all night. So if you want to get into the spirit of Halloween this October without getting completely spooked, read on. 

Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer is a fun and spooky show about Melinda, a young woman who sees and communicates with ghosts. She helps ghosts find their way to find their way to the “light” (AKA Heaven). Melinda assists these ghosts in finding closure while helping their families heal and come to terms with their loved ones’ death. It is a great show to binge watch (although not that great for midterm season). It is a drama with a comedic touch, but it is still infused with creepy and frightening moments. But not to worry, it won’t make you feel like you have to leave all the lights on after you watch it. It’s a feel-good series with a hint of supernatural awe.

Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp is a vampire who has been locked in a tomb for hundreds of years by an evil witch, and somehow breaks free. The viewer watches this vampire’s attempts to adapt to modern day culture and technology. It also examines his struggle to find true love while being haunted and cursed by this devious witch. This movie is both comedic and creepy, and is perfect for the pre-Halloween chills!

Scream Queens

Scream Queens has blood, gore and haute-couture. What’s better than that? The show is about a cursed and haunted sorority and is filled with the murder of different sorority sisters. This is the perfect show for pre-Halloween jitters and is great to watch with a glass of wine and your bff.


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