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Our Fall Favourites From Tommy Hilfiger

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, your favourite publication had the opportunity to visit Tommy Hilfiger at their Vaughan Mills location and had a blast checking out their new fall clothing lines, trying on their jeans picked specially for us, and getting an awesome gift package filled with denim tote bags, nail stickers, pins, and more! We even got to take over Her Campus National’s Snapchat to show everyone the awesome event! Overall the event was an amazing time and can’t wait to collaborate and attend more events like these.

As mentioned above, Tommy Hilfiger has come out with a new set of fall lines, including the much anticipated Gigi Hadid collaboration. Though the Gigi Hadid collection wasn’t available at Vaughan Mills just yet, this season’s collections are just as much to binge-shop on. Read below for some of our favourites!


Jackets – Velvet Puffer

You may have seen me modeling this item for a bit on Her Campus National’s snapchat, and if so you must’ve seen how frame-fitting it looked. My issue with winter jackets is that they’re too bulky and generally putting them on, taking them off, and carrying them can be a hassle(but usually it’s either that or freeze in below zero weather, so a girl’s gotta deal). This puffer both looks super chic and can roll and fold to be easily stored when you’re going from your outdoor wear to your “ugh-not-another-9am-lecture” wear. The jacket comes in red and black, sizes from XS to XL and can be found online for $275

Shirts – Ditsy Heart Shirt

It might just be me, but I’ve really been into the collared shirt and neutral pants look nowadays (often times I’m usually wearing wacky leggings and monotone shirts, so I suppose my preference in styles have flipped). Tommy Hilfiger has several of these collared shirts for women in different patterns, but I personally really enjoy the minimal repeated pattern of stars that are central to the Tommy brand. Own your next interview with this one!

The shirt comes in white and black, sizes from 2 to 12 and can be found online for $79.50

Pants – High-Waist Tapered Leg Jean

I am 100% never a jeans person unless it’s the only thing I have left that’s clean(leggings are just so comfortable!). However, getting fitted with these High-Waisted Tapered Jeans literally put me into shock when I put them on and checked myself out. Firstly, the top sits right on your waist, as the name suggests, and really accentuates your hips and curves, which is what I personally enjoyed from them. They’re also extremely comfortable to wear, and don’t have that awkward stiff feeling jeans usually have when you walk in them. And of course, how could I forget the huge pockets! I never thought I would see the day where I would purchase women’s jeans that had legitimate-sized pockets, yet here we are folks.

The jeans comes in sizes from 2 to 12 and can be found online for $290.00

Shoes – City Hiker

Now I feel like this is right up my alleyway for aesthetic. These shoes simply emanate confidence and power in my opinion. Of course, heels can give you the same effect, but I find these are more comfortable to walk around in for those who aren’t comfortable wearing tall heels just yet. Plus, with winter storms coming for Toronto, you’re going to want to stomp through the snow like the bad-ass that you are.

The shoes comes in colours black and brown, sizes from 6 to 9.5 and can be found online for $169.50

Accessories – Colorblock Argyle Scarf

I’m not a scarf person myself, but if I were this would for sure be my type of wear. I love the faded brand colours and the frayed ends, and chunky scarves are a must-have when your making your trek up those wind tunnel streets. They can also be really good at smuggling food from your residence caf, but you didn’t hear that from me.

The scarf can be found online for $79.50

U Toronto’s All Time Fav – Maria from Tommy Hilfiger’s Vaughan Mills Location

When asking what the U Toronto team enjoyed from the event, there was a unanimous answer for the bubbly and radiant personality featured during our Snapchat takeover. Maria helped us out by finding us styles that we would look fantastic in and her excitement throughout was an absolute highlight of the event. Her attention to detail and looking out just for is as if a good friend is shopping with you. If you’re ever at Vaughan Mills and happen to stop by, don’t forget to say hi from the Her Campus U Toronto squad!


You can check out these items along with other fantastic fall wears at any Tommy Hilfiger store, but we highly recommend you go to the one in Vaughan Mills if you want fantastic people helping you out to find your perfect wear. Her Campus U Toronto had a blast at Tommy Hilfiger, and we hope to see you there soon!

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