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The only Prom you need: Zombie Prom

Did you miss out on your senior prom in high school? Did you go and absolutely dread it? I think it’s time for some redemption. This Halloween, have the time of your afterlife at Zombie Prom, hosted by Zombie Survival Camp: a real training camp based across Canada. Forget trying to find expensive chiffon dresses you’ll never wear again and renting out limos, and practice your zombie crawl instead! With classic monster mashes from Undead DJ Johnny B Goode and a fully stocked bar, this is the night you’ve been waiting for.

Although it’s a little late for promposals, look forward to features like free zombie makeup stations and glam photo shoots that will guarantee a night to remember without all the tacky streamers. There will also be a costume contest, because what’s Halloween without one? Zombie yourself up and maybe even catch a cute zombie partner along the way! Look out for fun prizes and other giveaways throughout the night, and remember to drink responsibly. The event will be offering free overnight parking north of the venue across Lakeshore.

This is a 19+ event. Tickets are available online for $30 + tax and also at the door for $40. What are you waiting for?

Thie event is located at Palais Royale, October 31st between 9pm-2am.


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1422322391431525/

Tracy is a first-year student getting lost around campus on the daily. She is an optimist that tends to sleep avidly, however, she is by no means a misanthrope. She loves going out, but only as long as the food is as good as the company. It is remarkably easy to make her laugh, and she loves doing it (and will hopefully live longer because of it). Emotional to a fault, she will cry during movies and especially when reading a good book. All in all, she's an organized mess, a fabulously organized mess
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Lisa Chen

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Lisa Chen is currently a second year student majoring in the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (it's a thing - I swear!) with a minor in English and a joint minor with Singapore National University in Asian Culture and Literature. When she is not editing articles for HerCampus and marveling at the amazing content her writers produce, Lisa is an executive on the Arts and Science Student's Union (ASSU) where she represents and advocates for the interests of over 24,000 students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Lisa hopes to study law after graduation, preferably somewhere warm like California because Canadian winters are ridiculous and she loves high-waisted shorts. If you see her around campus, don't be afraid to come say hi! Especially if you love Adventure Time and Harry Potter as much as she does. 
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