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A Look At: Canada ESports League (CEL)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Toronto chapter.

To celebrate our partnership with Canada ESports League(CEL) and their League Finals Event happening this Sunday, November 19th, Her Campus UToronto is giving you a week of videogame content! Come join us for this awesome event, and be sure to use our discount code “hercampus20” for online tickets. To kick off our content, we have a quick interview with our partner, CEL. Established this year and hosting their very first non-professional ESports tournament, Canada ESports League gives Canadian players a chance to compete for a hefty cash prize and play amongst members who are just as passionate about ESports. Read on to find out more!


Name of organization: Canada ESports League (CEL) 

Year established: 2017 

Links to social media:

Website: www.esportsleague.ca

Facebook: Canada.ESports.League

Use hashtag #canadaesportsleague to be a part of the conversation!


Tell me a bit about CEL in a few sentences or less

Electronic sports have been growing in popularity and coming under the spotlight. In August of last year, the Air Canada Centre (ACC) was packed with screaming fans watching their favourite teams compete against each other in the world’s most popular video game – League of Legends. The Canada E-Sports League – CEL proudly presents the very first non-professional league with an irresistible prize pool of $10K in Toronto. Non-professionals can now gear up and ready to compete.


What made you interested in being a part of / organizing CEL?

E-sports events are starting to attract a lot of eyes, with a potential to bring in different tech-related industries altogether.  For example, you will start to see Universities are launching their esports scholarships, coming up with gaming design faculties. Also, it gives great advertising opportunities for brands and vendors to communicate with their target audiences, whether online to offline. So we believe this is the new trend comparing the traditional sports.


Tell me about the League Finals happening November 19th. What are you most excited about?

We have attracted a lot of attention. For example, famous YouTuber Redmercy who has more 1.2 million followers recently participated in our league, so I am looking forward to see some good fights from all the players.


Do you feel that there are any misconceptions about ESports? How would you dispel them?

I believe people would have different definition of Sports, and I am sure there will be an endless debate. Canada Esports League wants to gather everyone and dispel them by showing how much we can do about it.


What advice do you have for those who are interested in competitive ESports but aren’t sure how to get into it?

This is why we started our tournament to cherish all the non-professional gamers and help them to succeed in the professional games. I would encourage them to join us and participate in different competitions which helps them to grow their skills set and promote the culture.


What are you most excited about doing with CEL in the future?

We are hoping to deliver Dreamhack type of event in Toronto. So it’s not just Montreal, but everyone can enjoy ESports across Canada.

How can one get involved with CEL?

Go to our website and shoot us some emails!

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