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Learning to Radiate Your Energy and Manifest Goals

Edited by Olivia Spahn-Vieira

To start, I’ll admit my weakness of being a perfectionist. 

I recently had an enlightening conversation, in which I was told this quote, that has resonated with me ever since. It was, “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good”; which basically means, to accept the good moments, live in the now, instead of getting hung up on the idea of perfection. This conversation was about identifying my perfectionism; being a meticulous and careful planner, trying to determine the best possible outcomes for any dilemmas that come up, or planning for years ahead, as a hindrance. 

I’ve always tried to plan out my life piece by piece, and follow through with the plans, the way I envisioned them to be. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to plan and think ahead, but it definitely isn’t the most effective way of thinking or acting, which I’m working on. Realizing that mistakes are a part of growing and improving is also so important in life.

This fixation on the future can be overwhelming, making me feel like I need a big breath of fresh air. For me, this meant finding an alternative way of envisioning the future for myself. This is where manifestation and vision boards come into play.

Instead of focusing my energy into the uncertain outcomes of my plans, and putting pressure on making them come true the way I hoped, I can instead shift my focus into manifestation. This is mainly inspiration on what you hope your life to look like, according to any timeline, short-term or long-term. 

I started a digital board (which you can make physical too) on Pinterest, and add whatever I like; words of affirmation, quotes, and pictures of things related to career, style, life, or anything I wish to attain or work towards in my future. It’s something I glance at every so often, to remind myself that what I’m doing in the present will eventually help to get me there. The steps may not be set in stone, but that’s okay, which I have to realize! Life is so unpredictable and is constantly changing, so having looser ideas is healthier, and allows me to live in the moment.

This year, I plan to live more in the moment, accept lessons and mistakes, and enjoy the present, because the future really is unpredictable, as we’ve learned in the last year. I also want to recognize my vibrations as they come into play with this type of goal setting. Adjusting yourself to have the type of energy you want to attract helps everything fall into place and work its way into the plan.

Eboni is in her final year of studying journalism and minoring in media and film studies at the University of Toronto. With a love for all things music, fashion and wellness; Eboni is excited to share her passion for writing by unleashing her creativity and expressing herself to others. In her everyday life she focuses on fitness, indulging in a good book, taking photos and exploring new city spots (food related of course!)
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