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Is it time you got a smart electronic waste composter?

Do you want to reduce your waste and recycle it at the same time? Is the thought of earth’s bleak future troubling you? New technology has a solution!

An electric waste composter (also called food recycler or food digester) is a household appliance that has been gaining popularity, as it both reduces waste and turns it into a compost. The machine takes 5-6 hours to convert food waste into compost. Some products like Lomi aren’t limited to food waste and claim to recycle 80% of your waste. It needs to be run approximately once a week considering medium waste generation. Companies claim that this resultant waste can be used as manure for potted plants at home or in the neighbourhood. 

Believe it or not, there is no local composting site in most places and waste is often subsequently dumped into landfills. This not only harms the environment by releasing toxic gases, but also spreads diseases in areas located close to the landfill. Electric composters help prevent these issues by implementing waste processing at the individual level. They use less electricity, so the running cost is low, and only installation costs need to be covered. These products also help eliminate unpleasant odor and dealing with trash disposal which reduces to about once in three weeks. Sounds like a win-win situation, right? Your work is reduced, and the environment is protected too. But is that really the case?

Recently, customer feedbacks have suggested that the appliances do not actually compost the waste, but merely reduce the volume of it. They are not, therefore, very effective fertilizers and end up in landfills. The cost is also high and they take up a lot of kitchen space, making it impractical for many households.

However, these products are one step towards the environmental movement and its growing market signifies an increase in public environmental awareness. Reducing waste is now a responsibility, considering the augmentation of landfill sites, and these products help to achieve that. So, I’d say it might be a good idea to use these appliances to reduce your waste, but it must be noted that any further composting will have to be done at your end. 

With rising environmental awareness, new technologies are likely to emerge but it’s important to evaluate their role in making a difference. So even though buying your own Lomi might be a cool idea, remember that your work is not done here. I personally think the product has a good scope. The world is technologizing every aspect of life and at some point, even waste disposal will reach that stage. The growing market proves that it is futuristic. I am disgusted of the gruesome waste bin at my place and I would love to just convert it into odorless soil. 

It’s time to eliminate that disgust from waste disposal.

First year student, University of Toronto Faculty of Arts and Science. Her interests lie in many different fields ranging from the arts to the sciences. You can find her involved in any random discussion. She is a full time writer at Her Campus UofT and Associate Editor of the Arbour Journal.