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How to Show Up for Yourself: Kick-Start Your 2021 Productivity

Edited By: Tanmaya Ramprasad 

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2021, where it’s time for changes, growth and happiness all around. 

'Showing up for yourself' has become my new personal mantra I remind myself of; just letting me know to be more present, mindful and really take care of myself for my own benefit. A way I really want to embed into my everyday routine is increasing my productivity the best, easiest and fun-filled way I can. 

Productivity app: Notion

I’m not sure how late to the party I am, but I JUST discovered the lifechanging app Notion, from one of my favourite Youtube lifestyle content creators, Hannah Ashton. As a student, it’s so important to stay on-task and be organized for everything that we have going on from work, assignments, self-care, internships, social life; the list can go on forever. With notion, it’s basically everything into one virtual platform: a notebook, planner, task organizer, journal and more. It’s a full digital workspace; think of a blog type interface that’s customizable to your aesthetic and you can add anything you want from a mood board, daily schedule, playlists, reminders, meal plans and more to help you stay on track with your life in one place.

Find a mentor

Mentors are a great way to help you stay on track of your goals and aid you in advice and support. Whether a mentor focused on career guidance, self-improvement or a someone you look up to; mentors can be a great addition to your life by meeting frequently to track your progress to your ambitions and reflect.

Do what you love

With a new year comes new opportunities and chances to learn new things. Keep your brain stimulated and active by having a new hobby, skill or activity you’re truly passionate about! Skillshare is a great tool for finding new skills or even sharpening and improving on things you’re interested in, taught by professionals with background knowledge on the field of choice. It’s also never been a better time for discovering a new pastime with the on-going pandemic; who knows, you could discover your talent for cooking and be the next Gordon Ramsay!


Sleep also has a really big impact on your productivity levels. Getting enough sleep might be the hardest part of building a solid routine but trying ways to put your mind at ease before bed could help. Lately I’ve been limiting screen time to about 30-45 minutes before bed and reading in that time block instead. Apps like Headspace and Calm or podcasts are amazing for getting you to relax by doing meditation or reading to put you to sleep for full energy the next day. 

Try incorporating these into your new daily or weekly routine and you'll be sure to see a change within yourself for the better! Growth only happens with change and motivation to do new things... So what are you waiting for?!

Eboni is in her final year of studying journalism and minoring in media and film studies at the University of Toronto. With a love for all things music, fashion and wellness; Eboni is excited to share her passion for writing by unleashing her creativity and expressing herself to others. In her everyday life she focuses on fitness, indulging in a good book, taking photos and exploring new city spots (food related of course!)
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