How to: Be Gordon Ramsay at Home with #FoodTikTok

Edited By: Vlada Taits 

So, you’ve been scrolling and stumbled upon a legendary food video. This is food TikTok, it’s truly the absolute best place to be on the app. 

It started with whipped instant coffee in the early days of quarantine. Now, throughout the pandemic, millions of users have created viral videos discovering new mouth-watering recipes, tips, and tricks for being the next chef Ramsay in your very own kitchen.

Whether you’re looking for recipes for a new diet, healthy lifestyle inspo or just simply something new to eat, #FoodTikTok has you covered. Here are some of the recent food trends spotted everywhere that you need to try ASAP!

  1. 1. Breakfast: Nature's Cereal

    This one blew up all over the app and was shown by queen Lizzo enjoying it too! Nature’s cereal is a really healthy, organic breakfast or snack idea for everyone. Think of regular cereal but sub the dairy for coconut water with ice and replace the actual cereal for fruits of your choice (pomegranates, raspberries, and blueberries are a popular pick). This new cereal is supposed to be a complete energy boost and give great digestive results too!

  2. 2. Lunch: The Tortilla Trend

    This one is an effective way of making a grilled wrap at home! It's such an easy hack and I'm shocked I never thought of this in the past. The trick is to cut the tortilla halfway down the middle and place your toppings onto each quarter section. Next, you fold each section onto the next, making it a thick stack, and cook it in a heated pan or panini press. It’s the hack you never knew you needed.

  3. 3. Dinner: Baked Feta Pasta

    We're moving on from the beloved pasta recipe from Gigi Hadid and onto the new! Baked feta is definitely worth the hype and you’ve probably seen it everywhere. Basically, it’s a super easy, quick and tasty pasta with feta cheese as the main star. All you do is bake a block of feta, season it to your liking, add olive oil, cherry tomatoes and garlic in your oven. Add some boiled noodles directly in the pan, stir and voila! *Chef’s kiss*

There's millions of ideas for every meal and diet type! Get scrolling!