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Hello, Crunch Time: Best Study Spots on U of T Campus

While telltale signs of spring are cropping up in the province’s capital (read: swimming pools forming in Queen’s Park), finals are also in full bloom. Thus, as the weather begins to warm and the sun starts to shine for a little longer, the thought of reading one more of Dickens’ word-laden sentences, writing yet another paragraph on Kant’s categorical imperative, and memorizing countless organic molecule structures becomes increasingly unsavoury. Lucky for us, U of T boasts some amazing study spaces, making the homestretch, well, a little more bearable.

4th Floor Periodical Stacks, Robarts

With natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, and spacious tables, this room is a far cry from the library’s, erm, stuffier reading rooms. The 4th floor periodical stacks are perfect for those who enjoy a studious environment, minus the soul-sucking atmosphere.

Junior Common Room (UC)

Commonly referred to as the ‘JCR,’ the Junior Common Room at UC is a great space for those who don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle around them as they study. With a solid cup of coffee just around the corner in Diablo’s, comfy couches, and long, expansive tables, this space is ideal for the café studier.

Victoria College Quad

Victoria College’s quad is perfect for those who enjoy a lay in the grass as they leaf through their books and study notes, especially as the weather begins to warm up. With luscious lawns and numerous benches along the perimeter, there are many inviting spaces to sit down, breathe in the smell of freshly cut grass, and get into the zone.

Hart House Library

Tucked away on the second floor of Hart House, this library is great for those who enjoy a quiet, cozy environment whilst studying. The Hart House library is full of character, complete with creaky floorboards, long, communal tables, and comfy, bay window seating where one can enjoy the natural light streaming through the library’s giant windows.

Trinity Quad

Immaculately well kept and easy on the eyes, this hidden gem is great for those who enjoy studying outdoors without the distractions that often come with it. With benches lining the perimeter, Trin Quad is great for getting lost in a book while periodically looking up to admire the pristine surroundings.

Emmanuel College Library

Arguably one of the best-hidden gems on campus, this library is tiny, beautiful, and extremely peaceful. With dimly lit chandeliers, long, expansive tables divided into personal carrels, and gigantic windows, this library becomes an automatic favourite for those who happen to stumble upon it. Perfect for those who love their peace and quiet when dealing with the stress of finals.

Kathleen Coburn Reading Room, E.J. Pratt Library

Though the tables fill up quickly and outlets are limited in this highly coveted study space, this space remains highly coveted for a reason. With high ceilings, a lot of lighting, and a generally uplifting atmosphere, this reading room is perfect for those who enjoy a sense of camaraderie whilst studying. “We all in this together,” tends to be the general vibe when walking into this full yet peaceful space.

John W. Graham Library

Boasting reading rooms complete with fireplaces and couches, and tons of spacious, individually lit cubicles that overlook the garden on the west side of the building, this library is perfect for cozying up and being ultra-productive.

Knox College Corridor

If you can manage to find a seat at one of the four or so tables that line the north side of the corridor, this bright, airy, space is perfect for studying on a warm, spring day. Shaded from the sun yet still receiving the benefits of the great outdoors, distractions are at a minimum and beauty is plentiful.

So, before trekking to the 12th floor of you-know-where, perhaps it’s worth considering the vast array of options that U of T campus has to offer. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a good place to start; and, with study spaces often affecting levels of productivity, finding that perfect space might just make that coveted ‘A’ less of a dream and a little more of a reality.   

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