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Hair Care For The Winter Time


My long head of hair is my prized possession, and so I find the need to take great care to keep it as healthy and lustrous as it can be. I find that no matter the style or colour of my hair, the most essential and noticeable factor about it is its health. The winter time is an especially tricky season, due to the much colder climate’s tendency to dry out my hair and leave it brittle and damaged. These are a few tips and tricks I take advantage of in the winter time to ensure my hair stays as healthy and manageable as it can be.


1) Take preventative measures

Before the extreme cold strikes, I have made it somewhat of a tradition to visit my hair dresser and ask him to trim the ends of my hair, which are often frayed and damaged after a long and eventful summer. This is important because the colder weather in the winter has the tendency to dry out the ends of my hair, leaving it even more brittle and unmanageable than before. Starting off with a healthy set of hair will lessen the chances of damage during the colder months, a precaution I feel is absolutely necessary. I also shift my hair care products to suit the season, such as the avid use of shampoos and conditioners that are meant to moisturize damaged hair during the winter as opposed to volume-enhancing shampoos during the summer.


2) Limit your number of hair washes

Yes, this seems like a gross request, but it is a trick I’ve learned which was absolutely integral in keeping my hair healthy last winter. Although I am an absolute enthusiast about daily showers, I find that washing my hair daily during the winter isn’t necessary and can actually be damaging. My hair is prone to dryness, and washing it every day prevents the natural oils that help moisturize and restore the lustre to my hair work its magic. Instead, what I end up with are coarse hairs that are a nightmare to style, let alone walk out of the house with. During the winter months, I wash my hair less frequently and make better uses of my Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($4.99), which work to absorb the unnecessary oils around my roots which accumulate between washes. This way, my hair looks and feels fresh and clean without sacrificing its health.


3) Make use of leave-in conditioners

As an addition to my dry shampoo regime, another part of my hair care routine is the avid use of my TRESemme Split End Leave-In Conditioning Treatment ($5.26). This conditioner not only smells like a dream, but also moisturizes the ends of my hair and helps to prevent split ends. I usually apply this on either my towel-dried damp hair after a wash or on my dry ends during the between days in order to keep my hair conditioned and smelling fresh. I’ve seen quite an improvement on the ends of my hair after a month’s use of leave in conditioners, and this is probably a tradition I’ll continue during the warmer months as well.


4) Avoid the frequent use of heat-styling products

Although I feel quite an attachment to my blow dryer and hair straightener, I make a conscious effort to see less of them during the winter months. Heat on my hair tends to dry it out and cause damage, so I limit my heat-styling hair tools as much as I can, only using them when absolutely necessary. Using heat-protectant sprays are also very important, not only during the winter but all year round. I admit that this is a step I often forget, though I am now making a conscious effort to remember! The heat protectant I am currently using is the Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protecting Shine Spray ($4.96), and though I’m not exactly keen on the scent of the spray, it does work to protect my hair and leave a smoother finish.


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Pamela Ballares is a second year student at the esteemed University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in both Book and Media Studies and English. In addition to online shopping, applying nail polish and catching up on missed television episodes, you're most likely to find Pamela excitedly reading a recent buy from the bookstore or tirelessly obsessing over a sentence in one of her various short stories. Pamela aspires to be employed at one of the glossy magazines she peruses so frequently, but as of now she is content providing you excellent customer service as a Sales Associate at her local part-time occupation. Feel free to follow Pamela’s personal photography album via Instagram @serallab!
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